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Dell and VMware partner to deliver end-to-end VDI solution for the mid-market

Jonathan Arms, Dell Global Alliance Manager

At VMware’s Partner Exchange event in Las Vegas, Dell and VMware announced a strategic partnership to offer an end-to-end VDI solution for the mid-market.

This announcement is centered on a Desktop Virtualization solution that consists of VMware Horizon ViewDell Active Infrastructure , and Dell Wyse P25 thin clients.  It will be sold through Dell PartnerDirect and through the two-tier distribution model commonly used by Dell Wyse’s channel community.  The main impetus behind this new, integrated offering with VMware is to make it much easier for Dell and VMware channel partners to offer VDI solutions to their mid-market customers that are easy to order, configure, deploy, and manage. As such, one of the obvious key elements for the program’s success is motivating and enabling our channel community. To that end we will be unveiling a number of enablement and incentive programs and activities for our channel partners.

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ThinApp EOA – Where is it going? Nowhere!

by Diana Tsao, Product Marketing, End-User Computing

Last week, VMware announced the Horizon Suite, a comprehensive platform for workforce mobility to connect users to their data, applications, and desktops. Along with delivering new features and functionality, we have streamlined the packages for the Horizon family of products.

Packaging changes include the End of Availability of VMware ThinApp and VMware View Enterprise.  Don’t worry – End of Availability does not mean End of Life!  EOA means the current packaging will be discontinued, but the functionality is still available. End of Life (EOL) means the product will no longer be offered nor be supported by VMware.

ThinApp is absolutely not going away as application virtualization is a core enabling technology for the Horizon Suite.  To that end, we have included it in ALL of the Horizon family products.

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Licensing for the Mobile Workforce: VMware Horizon Suite 1.0 Licensing

By Tina de Benedictis, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, End-User Computing, VMware


Are you wondering about licensing for the new VMware Horizon Suite and each of its component bundles? Following is a quick guide to Horizon Suite licensing.

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Efficiency and Productivity is Possible with Desktop Virtualization Solutions from Dell and VMware

By Janet Diaz, Solutions Communications Manager, Dell EUC

Many organizations have turned to desktop virtualization for the benefits of security, flexibility and efficiencies and now, Dell is introducing a new solution that is capable of running VDI along with general and specific workloads including cloud and enterprise applications in a converged infrastructure.

Dell and VMware are jointly developing and delivering end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions that are easy to configure, order, deploy and support and are available through Dell PartnerDirect and VMware solution providers.

Let’s look at what Dell DVS Enterprise – Active System 800 with VMware Horizon View 5.2 is all about.

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Fusion-io, VMware and Cisco Deliver VDI at Scale

You may have heard the news about VMware collaborating with Cisco on SmartPlay with VMware Horizon View. In this new solution bundle for scalable VDI, it’s Fusion-io memory that makes the solution truly scalable—without a costly or complex back-end storage upgrade.

Cisco and its channel partners will resell an upgrade option for Cisco UCS M3 Blade Server that includes VMWare Horizon View 5 and the Cisco UCS Storage Accelerator, based on Fusion’s 785-GB PCI mezzanine flash module. Instead of relying on back-end shared storage to host the golden master image and associated clones for users, the image can be stored locally on the ioMemory-based Storage Accelerator, right on the blade server.

This is great news for customers in many market segments, including government, education, and healthcare, who are looking to deliver desktop virtualization that’s faster and less costly than physical desktops. Nearly all VDI projects start small and grow based on success. The Fusion solution is helpful as it provides a cost-effective, high performance proof-of-concept vehicle to get started. It’s manageable by server administrators, which is beneficial because most VDI projects don’t get additional IT resources, and SAN expertise is precious. And when it’s time to scale, it’s as easy as adding another blade server.

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Making Scalable Midsized VDI Deployment a Simple, Affordable Reality

This is a joint blog post with Cisco, Nimble Storage and VMware.  

The proliferation of new applications and devices in the workplace has added complexity to IT environments of all sizes. Companies are being forced to re-evaluate how they manage their end-users, secure data and enable workplace mobility. This has led many organizations to turn to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as a solution.

This year alone, more than half of midsized organizations will turn to virtual desktops to streamline desktop management, ensure greater security and compliance, and provide anytime / anywhere access to the their users (source: ESG 2012). The 2012 Morgan Stanley CIO Survey found the percentage of virtual desktop was poised to nearly double in a year’s time. If it is not already in production, desktop virtualization is bound to be one of the projects on IT’s list for 2013 – including resource-constrained midsized IT organizations.

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Horizon View in the Branch Office Just Got “Officially” More Awesome

By: Robert Baesman, Director of Product Management, VMware End User Computing

Several months back, I got up in this forum to talk about some good stuff for the branch office from our friends at Riverbed. As part of that discussion, I described a tech-preview of a VDI deployment architecture where the virtual desktops themselves are distributed to servers in the branch, while management stays centralized at the datacenter.  Well, today I’m excited to announce that we’re moving out of tech-preview and into full support of distributed branch architectures with partners like Riverbed, Cisco and others.

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Accelerating VDI with Cisco UCS and VMware Horizon View

By: Courtney Burry, Director of PMM, EUC BU, VMware

VMware recently announced new vFast Track Reference Architectures with a number of storage and appliance vendors that are designed to provide IT organizations of all sizes with cost-effective, simple and scalable solutions for VDI deployments. Well we didn’t just stop there-we’ve actually partnered with Cisco on a number of these validations to ensure that customers have an end to end stack that is purpose-built to take the guesswork out of VDI. What’s more, the two companies today announced a joint bundled offering-the Cisco UCS SmartPlay with VMware Horizon View to take the cost of acquisition for desktop virtualization to all time lows.

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Driving the Cost Out of VDI with New vFast Track Architectures from VMware

By: Courtney Burry, Director of PMM, EUC BU, VMware

Looking to make the move to desktop virtualization but worried that the business case won’t add up? VMware has just introduced a number of high-performance, fully validated desktop architectures that are simple to deploy, highly scalable, and extremely cost-effective. In fact some of these solutions are so cost-effective-they will allow you to fast track your stateless virtual desktop deployment for as little as $408 per user for datacenter hardware and software. And that’s LESS than the cost of a physical PC.*

How Do We Do It?

So how do you get there? Well-when you move to desktop virtualization there are many components to be considered. Not only do you need to evaluate desktop virtualization software, but you will also need to understand your user profiles and architect your storage, networking and servers to best support your end users and their requirements. And storage can often be a huge bottleneck-absorbing as much as 40-60% of the cost of any VDI rollout.  In addition, “traditional” storage can be difficult to manage.  This is why choosing the right storage and architecture is critical.

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Storage Optimization with VMware Horizon View

By Narasimha Krishnakumar, Product Management, End-User Computing

Properly designing and sizing storage is key to successfully deploying virtual desktops. Transitioning from pilot to production is completely dependent on getting both the storage design and sizing right. If you get this wrong- you will negatively affect user experience, application responsiveness and your cost per desktop.

So how do you get it right?

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