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Solved! VMFS File Locking in VMware View 5.1 – All You Wanted to Know

By Fred Schimscheimer, Sr. Technical Marketing, End User Computing  Ever wonder why VMware View would support more than eight hosts in an ESX cluster? Wonder no more. VMware View 5.1 now supports up to 32 hosts in an ESX cluster!  That is provided a NFS data store is specified for linked clone replica creation.   Since more than eight hosts can now be used in an ESX cluster, VMware View 5.1 makes desktop consolidation even more...

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Pre-Defined and Certified Solutions with Cisco UCS Servers, NexentaVSA and VMware View

By: Alex Aizman, CTO & Co-Founder, Nexenta Systems Desktop virtualization solutions are gaining traction with small and mid-sized organizations. But many of these IT organizations are extremely lean, and don’t have additional resources to dedicate to VDI deployment, systems integration and SAN management.  In order to help simplify VDI rollouts,  Cisco, VMware, and Nexenta have teamed up to develop a set of integrated solutions...

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Get More out of Your Storage with View Storage Accelerator

By Fred Schimscheimer, Sr. Technical Marketing, End User Computing Are you tired of stressing out your servers and storage?  Do you want to reduce your IOPS? If the answer is yes, you should take a look at the VMware View Storage Accelerator (also known as Host Caching) for View desktops.  Content-Based Read Cache (CBRC) is part of vSphere 5.0 and has been integrated into VMware View 5.1.  One performance bottleneck is the I/O...

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