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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Adobe Connect Client & VMware View – Better Together

Adobe-Connect-and-Vidyo-Screenshot1VMware and our partners are always working to bring new capabilities to our joint solutions.  Our recent work with Adobe is a great example (read more on the Adobe Connect Blog). Adobe and VMware teamed up to validate Adobe Connect 8 on VMware View 4.6 with the following goals:

  • Verify that the Adobe Connect client can launch web-based meetings successfully from a VMware View desktop
  • Verify that participants can view shared screens and documents with high quality
  • Verify that multiple VMware View desktop sessions running on the same host can simultaneously present

The validation took place at VMware’s labs in Palo Alto in August.

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Promo Extended for VMware View and Cisco VXI

Posted by Neal Mueller,
Sr. Strategic Cisco
Alliance Manager

Psst, I just heard we're extending the deadline on the VMware View for Cisco Triple-V Promotion from October 29 to Decemeber 15, 2011 for U.S. customers.

The promotion combines virtualization, voice and video (hence the Triple-V) to accelerate your journey to a virtual collaborative workspace. With this joint solution, you can deliver enterprise desktops as a service and simplify existing infrastructure. You can give your end users freedom without compromising IT control.

Kick-start your virtual desktops with our integrated solution:

  • VMware View Enterprise Edition, the enterprise version of the industry’s leading desktop virtualization platform
  • Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI), which raises the bar on user and IT expectations by delivering a service-optimized desktop virtualization platform with rich services end-to-end across Cisco architectures

Of course, there are selected promotion components, but you can choose and customize your Triple-V solution to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Get the details, and pssst, pass it on.

VIDEO: CSC Virtual Desktop Solutions on VMware View

AT VMworld we were very excited to annoucne a great partnership with CSC to offer VMware View virtual desktops as a service.  CSC's Phil Grove discuss the expansion of CSC Virtual Desktop Solutions and the benefits of implementing VMware View desktops as a service.

Check it out below:


CSC Dynamic Desktop VMware Series is a virtual desktop solution that can be delivered a managed service or as a private or public cloud service. It will dramatically improve your business agility, bolster your workforce mobility and productivity, and reduce your desktop costs. CSC is a leader in providing fully integrated, managed, and turn-key solutions. VMware is one of the most trusted names in end-to-end virtualized application and desktop delivery. Together, CSC integrates VMware’s capabilities to provide a comprehensive yet flexible virtual desktop solution.

Learn more about our Virtual Desktop VMware series on CSC's dedicated VMware site.


VMware ThinApp Bootcamp Challange

Get ready for application virtualization with VMware ® ThinApp ® !  Starting October 31st, join us for a 6-part bootcamp on ThinApp Topics such as:

  • ThinApp Design Best Practices
  • ThinApp Implementation Best Practices
  • Isolation Modes Explained
  • AppLink Fundamentals
  • Scripting within ThinApp
  • ThinApp Performance Enhancing

Each day from October 31st through November 7th, a new session will be released. Additionally, we will be stopping by the ThinApp Communities Bootcamp site to answer questions around ThinApp.

So be sure to tune in every day to watch, learn, and ask questions!

AirPlay Desktops and New @VMware View Clients for iPad, Android and Cius!

By Pat Lee, director, End-User Computing Clients, VMware

That is right… the new VMware View Client for iPad is out and it offers some great new features including an innovative new presentation mode supporting Apple AirPlay.  More on this shortly…

VMware View makes it easy to extend to your users the opportunity to work where you want and on the device they choose. Today, we are excited to make this even easier with the release three new or updated mobile clients:

  • VMware View Client for iPad 1.2 (Photo below showing new presentation mode!*)


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Cisco VXC Clients with VMware View — Check them out!

By Tony Huynh, End-User Computing, VMware

This week at VMworld Copenhagen, Cisco showcased several new Virtual Experience Clients (VXC) that will be supported with VMware View.  This is the first of several strategic offerings that VMware and Cisco are bringing to market.  VMware and Cisco collaborated to take the virtual desktop experience to the next level, with a solution that is highly scalable and offers high fidelity voice and video communications.

Cisco_vxc_6215The new solution allows both companies to address the needs of a broader user base, from task workers all the way to power users.  While task workers generally perform a pre-defined set of tasks, power users generally use their virtual desktops for computing and real-time communications across a variety of devices. 

The Cisco VXC 6215 is a Linux based thin client that will support VMware View desktops.  The Cisco VXC 4000 is a software appliance that will work with VMware View desktops and allow customers using repurposed PCs to have VoIP capability.

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VMworld 2011: Verizon Wireless & Telefonica to Offer VMware Horizon Mobile

By Srinivas Krishnamurti, senior director, Mobile Solutions, VMware

Greetings from VMworld 2011 Europe in Copenhagen!

The Horizon Mobile is very excited to announce that Verizon Wireless (US) and Telefonica (Europe) are our lead partners to roll out our solution to enterprises.  We had been working with these partners for the last several months and over the next several weeks we will be focusing on bringing the solution to market.  Together with out carrier and handset partners, we will offer a solution to help enterprises embrace "bring your own device" paradigm without compromising the security of corporate content.

VERIZON-WIRELESS-LOGO_fullTelefonica logo 

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VMworld 2011: VMware and NVIDIA to Deliver True, Virtual Workstation Experience

By Warren Ponder, Director, Desktop Product Management, VMware

I am pleased to announce VMware and NVIDIA have entered into a strategic partnership to further advance the usage and benefits of remote graphics when combining VMware’s virtualization and End-User Computing platforms with NVIDIA’s Quadro Virtualization Platform.



We expect that several exciting solutions will result from this collaboration. Most notable, delivering hardware accelerated 3D graphics to a complete range of new use cases to VMware View and Project AppBlast.

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