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VMworld 2011: VIDEO – Project Octopus

A video demo of Project Octopus, from the floor of VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas.  Project Octopus will enable users to access files from any device and share them with people both inside (other colleagues) and outside (vendors, customers, partners) their companies in a completely safe and secure way.  Additionally, IT leaders will have control to apply access and security policies and, intelligently manage data that is old or out of date.


VMworld 2011: Advancing the End-User Computing Journey for Healthcare

By Tisa Murdock, product line manager, End-User Computing – Healthcare

Wow – this has been such a huge week for VMware End-User Computing and Healthcare I am not sure where to start! 

I am at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas and the event has been absolutely fantastic with the launch of View 5 plus the unveiling of new EUC products and our rock solid vision for helping organizations move away from device-centric legacy desktop models, and accelerating their journey to a new way to work in the post-PC era. 

This VMworld has also had a strong focus around healthcare with over 900 attendees from the industry, 14 healthcare focused sessions, and some key announcements from our partners.

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Starting the Journey to Better End-User Computing

The End-User Computing Journey – Part 4

Posted by Brian Gammage
Chief Market Technologist, VMware End-User Computing

The first phase of the journey to better end-user computing (EUC) comprises five steps:

  1. Since this is a journey, organizations must begin by ensuring they understand what they have now and how they expect their requirements to change – this will highlight where and how the repackaging options can best be applied to deliver value (and cost savings).
  2. The first area to focus on is applications – to prepare for the OS migration. Each organization should aim to virtualize as many as they can. They should also ensure they establish (and communicate) “rules” for what new applications look like. It won’t help on the journey if IT is reducing the application inertia, while business users are simultaneously creating more elsewhere.
  3. The review of the application portfolio will highlight many opportunities to rationalize and simplify desktop software loads. Duplicate versions of applications and any that aren’t needed should be eliminated. This is also the time to begin piloting (server-hosted) virtual desktops for the most rationalized image builds.

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VMworld 2011: The Many Flavors of Persona Management

By Scott Davis, chief technology officer, End-User Computing, VMware

Persona management refers to technologies that isolate aspects of an individual user’s personal settings or customizations from the base operating system image. We find user persona technologies to be a widely misunderstood topic, as there are a variety of approaches and categories for these solutions and the various categories serve different purposes and solve different problems for customers. With the arrival of VMware View 5 and our View Persona Management functionality, I thought I would take this opportunity to call out the various categories of persona management technology and what each of them does.

Persona blog

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VMworld 2011: TECH PREVIEW — VMware Project Octopus

By Sam Khavari, director, Product Management, End-User Computing, VMware

As VMware continues in our mission to develop technologies and infrastructure that improve the way people work in this post-PC era, we are previewing at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas new file sharing technology – Project Octopus – that advances the our vision for enabling universal data delivery for the post-PC era.

Project Octopus will enable users to access files from any device and share them with people both inside (other colleagues) and outside (vendors, customers, partners) their companies in a completely safe and secure way.  Additionally, IT leaders will have control to apply access and security policies and, intelligently manage data that is old or out of date.

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VMworld 2011: Announcing VMware Horizon Mobile

By Srinivas Krishnamurti, senior director, Mobile Solutions, VMware

We are very excited to announce VMware Horizon Mobile Manager at VMworld 2011.  Horizon Mobile Manager is a product that will allow enterprise IT administrators to create, provision, monitor and manage a corporate phone that will be running on an employee-owned smart phone.  In this blog, I will provide context for this product, highlight some of its key capabilities and tie Horizon Mobile Manager back to our vision for the post-PC era. 

As part of our mobile strategy, we had been working on bringing virtualization to mobile devices with a focus first on one use case – allowing enterprises to support employee-owned smart phones without compromising security, auditability and manageability of the corporate content that is present on the employee’s device.  We demoed VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP), the key underlying technology that enables us to support two phones in one – one phone for personal use and another phone for work use but both phones on a single physical phone.

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VMworld 2011: TECH PREVIEW – Introducing Projects AppBlast and Octopus – Delivering Universal Cloud Access

By Scott Davis, chief technology officer, End-User Computing, VMware

Photo Aug 24, 1 45 11 PM During my session, Session EUC1881, “VMware End-User Computing 2013 and Beyond” at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, I will be discussing VMware’s vision for the post-PC era and will preview and demonstrate two new end-user computing technologies we are excited about – code named Projects AppBlast and Octopus. These technologies advance the company’s vision for enabling universal application and data delivery for the post-PC era.

Project AppBlast
Project AppBlast will provide the universal delivery of any application, including Windows-based applications, to any off-the-shelf browser or device supporting HTML 5, enabling instant remote access to non-HTML based applications. We expect it to become a key part of our EUC platform vision, enabling delivery of all forms of applications from your personal,  private or public cloud to any of your end point devices. The ability to utilize multiple types of applications from your  client devices in a transparent and cross-platform manner is vital to the post-PC era we are entering.  The core technology is standards based and utilizes various HTML 5 mechanisms. Because it  leverages a standards based foundation, multiple VMware innovations can be used to further extend the capabilities and end user value. All while enabling rich application experience access over HTML 5.  Get your content whenever and wherever you need it!

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VMworld 2011: VMware Horizon – Building the Platform for the Post-PC Era

By Ben Goodman, senior product marketing manager, End-User Computing, VMware

It’s hard to believe it was just a year ago, at VMworld 2010 in San Francisco, we first unveiled Project Horizon. At the same time, we unveiled our vision for the post-PC era. We shared our view, that the world was not just Windows anymore, and that a new way to work was emerging.

We’ve spent the last year executing on that vision. In May, we shipped Horizon Application Manager. At that time Horizon Application Manager enabled IT to maintain the on-premise security of their organization’s existing Active Directory credentials to the cloud.

End-users gained access, via single-sign-on, to a personalized workspace that brokered secure access all of the cloud and SaaS applications. While IT gained the ability to manage and quickly entitle applications to user or groups.

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VMworld 2011: Persona Management in VMware View 5

By Kevin Goodman, director product management, End-User Computing, VMware

Today at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas we are excited to announce VMware View 5.  The newest version of View continues to help IT organizations empower a more agile, productive and connected enterprise by enabling a better desktop.

One of the more anticipated features of VMware View 5 Premier Edition – View Persona Management – preserves user profiles and dynamically synchronizes them with a remote profile repository. By preserving the user's profile between sessions, View Persona enables IT administrators to provide a floating pool to users who previously required their own dedicated desktop. With this blog, I would like to provide you with a bit more information on this exciting feature.

“Difficulty in managing user profiles is the second most prevalent challenge in implementing virtual desktops. (after licensing costs)”Desktops as a Service, The Changing Face of Desktop Virtualization, 12/2010, Rachel Chalmers, The 451 Group.

Rachel’s words from last year are still relevant today and with the introduction of View 5 many of the most prevalent challenges have been eliminated. 

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VMworld 2011: VMware View 5 with Unified Communications

By Tony Huynh, senior product manager, End-User Computing, VMware

With VMware View 5, VMware is bringing to market the first truly scalable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that is capable of supporting Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Video Telephony. VMware took a collaborative approach and partnered with leading Unified Communications (UC) vendors to deliver an integrated workspace solution with rich voice and video communications which will be enabled inside View 5 desktops.


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