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Windows 7 jumplist integration

One of the new features we added for Windows 7 in View 4.5 was jumplist integration for the View Client.  Although this shipped in View 4.0, it was disabled by default and needed to be enabled by GPO, so you probably never noticed it.  However, with View 4.5, it is enabled by default and provides helpful shortcuts to connect to recently used View Connection Servers or desktops. If you are not familiar with jumplists, they...

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VMware View 4.5 Is Open For Business

We’re back from a busy VMworld 2010 San Francisco last week where we launched VMware View 4.5.  The excitement was apparent from the activity that we saw in our demo pods and attendance in the desktop sessions.  I like to think that most if not all of the 17,000+ attendees got exposed to View 4.5 in some fashion which may not be all that far fetched considering that we were in the Keynote and behind every lab station in...

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