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VMware View Client as a shell for XPe and XP Pro clients

Using the Win32 View Client on XPe or XP Pro will allow you to use the full featured View client with all the bells and whistles.  The problem is that it's still XP and can be confusing to your users to have them log into one desktop just to send them to another virtual desktop. So how can we fix that? If you replace the shell with the View client you can eliminate the XP desktop and on a boot of the client the only...

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VMware View Open Client – Now Available

Today we are announcing the release of our VMware View Open Client. This is our first open source project for VMware View. We are already working with our partners to have the VMware View Open Client integrated into their product. Releasing this in the open source community will allow for faster integration of the VMware View Open Client for our partners. VMware will not provide commercial support for the VMware View Open Client....

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