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Monthly Archives: December 2008

VMware View Reference Architecture Kit

The VMware View Reference Architecture Kit is now available. The kit lays out the groundwork for deploying 5000 virtual desktops and includes the following:

·         VMware View Reference Architecture

·         Guide to Profile Virtualization

·         Windows XP Deployment Guide

·         Storage Deployment Guide for VMware View

To register and obtain your copy please visit: http://www.vmware.com/resources/wp/view_reference_architecture_register.html.

View Manager 3 – Software Components

Let’s start with something easy and breakdown exactly what View Manager 3 is comprised of. Feel free to download the 60 day evaluation from http://www.vmware.com/download/view/.

  • VMware-viewagent-3.0.0-xxxxxx.exe: This is the View Manager Agent installer for Windows XP or Vista virtual desktops. This agent also serves two other purposes as well, it can be installed on a physical PC to allow for remote connectivity and also on terminal servers which will allow the pool creation and load balancing of your terminal server farm.

  • VMware-viewclient-3.0.0-xxxxxx.exe:  This is the 32-bit View Manager Client installer for any end point device running on Windows XP or Vista. This is how the end user will connect to their virtual desktop.

  • VMware-viewclientwithoffline-3.0.0-xxxxxx.exe: This is the extended View Manager Client installer that includes the software needed to test our experimental offline VDI feature.  This will only be needed if testing offline VDI.

  • VMware-viewconnectionserver-3.0.0-xxxxxx.exe: This is the connection broker which will handle brokering the desktop sessions. This installer also houses the replica and security server installation options for scalability and DMZ deployments.

  • VMware-viewcomposer-1.0.0-xxxxxx.exe: This is the storage optimization component which enabled the use of linked clones. This must be installed on the VirtualCenter server.

VMware View – The NEW Enterprise Desktop

VMware coined the phrase Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) which has in return defined the paradigm shift in recent years to moving enterprise desktops to the datacenter. It is now time to evolve the desktop even further with the ultimate goal of providing users their personalized desktops from any device, from any location. With the release of VMware View Manager 3  we now offer storage optimization, improved user experience, better printing control, remote access to physical PC’s, and don’t forget the ability to take your Virtual Desktop with you on the go (experimental.)


With this blog we hope to provide you, our readers with yet more information and technical deep dives focused around VMware View.


More information about VMware View can be found at: http://www.vmware.com/products/view/.