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At a time when even taxes are no longer certain, companies must strive for customers by all means to survive. One of them is building positive experiences. Over 82 percent senior managers  emphasize that care for customer experience (CX) clearly increases financial results. Such conclusions are derived from the latest report from VMware, but there is a condition. These are investments in application development. Only in this way will the customer be satisfied with the interaction with the brand – this view is almost 90 percent. respondents.

At a time when consumer behavior is supported by over 330 million applications spread across millions of different mobile devices, CX is no longer just a fashionable slogan. It is no longer the price of the service, but customer satisfaction with the interaction with the brand that affects organizations and their revenues the most. As a result, 78 percent senior managers (CIO, CTO, SVP), surveyed by Forrester, commissioned by VMware, treat development of business applications as the highest business priority.

Applications are becoming the main weapon in market competition. Especially since the axis around which business revolves is a client with a computer constantly connected to the Internet and carried in his pocket. It is thanks to this that we know more and more about him and we have constant contact with him. On a domestic basis, banks adopt this way of operating, and their applications, functionalities and capabilities offered to clients are now a measure of the positioning and strength of banking brands.

If they see you, they value you

According to the latest VMware report ‘Improving Customer Experience And Revenue Starts With The App Portfolio’, IT and technology directors (CIO / CTO) who started investing in the development of client applications have noticed a number of benefits for their companies. 40% of them noticed a real increase in revenues, 37 percent increasing customer satisfaction, and according to 32 percent – application modernization has convinced new customers to the brand.

The year 2020 has become a real test of the company’s readiness for radical and quick changes. Those who have found a way to effectively use modern applications to maintain and even develop their contacts with customers are real winners today  – comments our expert Ed Hoppitt, director of native cloud application development at VMware EMEA. To accelerate the pace of innovation, however, most companies need to simplify the management of their IT environments.  The easier it will be possible to connect various technological dots, the more effectively companies will introduce new services and increase customer satisfaction. Not only survival is at stake, but also further business development.

Despite knowing the benefits of developing enterprise applications, 48 ​​percent companies have not modernized their applications for over a year. 34% the respondents do not even know if any actions, even project ones, have been taken. As a result, almost half (46 percent) of the respondents say directly – companies are only partly, and sometimes not at all, ready to develop good practices in the field of customer experience.

This is not a country for old applications

For 76 percent of surveyed business leaders, the main obstacle to the development of applications and customer experience practices is the lack of funds. 72 percent Respondents indicate a lack of cooperation between various company departments. Equally much, because 70 percent respondents, also faces resistance from IT departments, which report a number of adversities. Too much investment in the maintenance of outdated application systems, difficulties in securing sensitive data and the lack of specialist knowledge in the field of cloud computing are the main brake. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on customer relationships.

The modern consumer does not like to wait, he does not like when something does not work his way. According to research, for more than 57% of clients of companies from the trade industry, the most important thing is quick access to the retailer’s website and preferably with the option of online shopping   – says Wojciech Buczkowski, President of the Management Board of Komputronik SA The company in recent months has decided to modernize its IT environment to improve customer service both in stationary stores and online.

Thanks to hyper-converged technologies of VMware and Dell EMC , Komputronik  gains more space for innovation and can launch  new company applications, customer services or other important elements faster, enabling the organization to operate more efficiently and increase its attractiveness against the background of competition  – concludes Sebastian Pawłowski, Komputronik Biznes vice president of the board .

Artificial intelligence will improve CX

The majority of managers questioned by VMware help in building positive experiences (CX) see the latest technologies. For 70 percent artificial intelligence will have the greatest impact on the development of client applications. The Internet of Things comes second (66%). Further technologies also include edge technologies and machine learning. Thanks to this type of innovation, companies will be able to create more reliable and personalized customer relationships. According to Gartner’s forecasts, by the end of 2020, 85% of customer interaction will occur without human support.

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