“Flexible and global cloud will be a common practice for organizations”

פורסם בתאריך 12/08/2019 by VMware Israel
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“The fact that organizations are moving to the cloud is no longer news. Studies indicate that most organizations are moving, or will be moving, to more than one cloud, while some of the operations will stay in-house. IT vendors must be ready for a situation where organizations will operate in a multi-cloud environment, with the ability to work in a hybrid cloud – because this will be the common practice”, “said Hervé Renault, Sr Director Cloud Providers EMEA.

According to Renault, “We have been leading the changes in enterprise IT systems for a decade. We started with server virtualization, from where we moved to storage and networking, we provided the private cloud with Data Center, with visibility and information security. Then we implemented the Data Center-defined software concept, SDDC, with Mechanization and management. Today, already 70% of organizations are fully utilizing the SSDC”.

“Today”, said Renault, “92% of customers want to expand public cloud activity to hybrid cloud activity. That means being able to migrate to the cloud and develop apps without sacrificing past investments in Data Center. They are looking for a service provider that will provide the same levels of regulation and information security – which exist in the private cloud. With VMware on AWS, we provide them with the ability to operate in a hybrid cloud in a multi-cloud environment”.

He added that: “We support corporate customers throughout their expensive and complex journey. The CIO is not interested in the cloud itself, or in which cloud – but in the applications, and their capability to operate in the new world. Taldor has invested in our infrastructure, and we guarantee that the increase in load will not harm performance”.

Renault concluded by saying that, “As a managed service provider, MSP, Taldor offers with its xGlobe HYBRIDE cloud, fully integrated enterprise IT infrastructure services with a response to the required connection between old and new IT worlds, cost reduction, load balancing, and high performance. VMware on AWS, using xGlobe, which is a vCloud partner – is the next trend”.

Karen Shalev, Business Development Manager for VMware Cloud Partners in Southern and Central Europe, said that “Taldor has expanded its hosting services following the acquisition of XGlobe in late 2015 (https://www.pc.co.il/news/201209/) and now alongside traditional hosting services, it will provide managed cloud-based VMware SDDC platform solutions on AWS DCs. For example, disaster recovery as a service, DRaaS and / or computing solutions with changing needs and establishing hybrid projects with a global presence, are already available today at xGlobe from Taldor.

The added value of xGlobe on the new platform is the ability to lease on-damand global VMware infrastructure on an hour / day / week / month basis. For example, customers that want to deploy a testing environment for a limited time can do it immediately with no commitment of hardware or rental for a long period of time”.

Shalev added that “Taldor is a versatile Managed Service Provider that provides solutions for Enterprise customers as well as managed services for small and medium businesses on VMware public cloud on AWS. This way, we meet their need for a significant increase in capacity and performance – for a given period of time. We will continue to address the organizations’ need to redirect their IT operations between the Data Center and the cloud, with one central support, one management and one monitoring – working with the Managed Service Provider”.

Boaz Yehuda, CEO, Taldor Communications, Taldor Group, said: “With the acquisition of xGlobe three years ago, we changed the traditional format of our operations – until then we were an organization that deals with the world of enterprises’ traditional licensing. xGlobe came with 400 customers who mainly received hosting and hosting and managed hosting services”.

“Last year”, said Yehuda, “Since taking office, we’ve been doing a ‘facelift’ for our services: we expanded our business offers and trained our people to work in the public cloud world. In my view, the cloud is another extension of the existing Data Center. The world of computing is evolving, but no one is neglecting existing capabilities. This is a welcome addition, realizing out perception at Taldor, whereby the cloud environment and traditional licensing will continue to exist together – according to customer needs. Therefore, a hybrid solution, such as VMware on AWS – is the most appropriate one”.

“We started this activity two months ago,” concluded Yehuda, “alongside DRaaS already operating service, we will offer additional services, such as load management and app testing. We provide flexibility that cannot be found anywhere else, alongside great manageability – Taldor through xGlobe serves as “the long and broad arm” of the infrastructure manager. I expect dozens of customers to be added in 2020 to our hybrid services and advanced capabilities being developed at xGlobe”.

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For more details please contact Grisha Sokolovsky, VP Engineering at Taldor:  grisha@xglobe.com

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