Leading digital healthcare group Asklepios is revolutionizing medical care with a cloud-based protective solution

Posted on 19/08/2021 by vmwareemeasmt

Electronic patient records, the use of mobile devices to monitor health data, medical consultations by video call: These and other digital technologies in modern hospitals are enabling diseases to be diagnosed more quickly and treated with greater precision. At Asklepios hospitals, digitalization already seems ubiquitous. A proud driver of innovation, the group is advancing into the future of medical care flanked by the routine use of new diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

The Asklepios Group is at the forefront in many areas, and digitalization is no exception. One of Germany’s largest private hospital operators, it has long been a byword for excellent standards in both treatment and medical research. Spread across 170 medical facilities, its more than 67,000 staff are committed to further improving the quality of patient care and shaping the medical practice of the future.

The medical care of tomorrow – Efficient and secure in equal measure

As the need for patient-centric processes, fast diagnosis and efficient treatment grows alongside more exacting demands for security precautions, modernization figures high on the list of priorities at Asklepios hospitals.

The group laid the technical foundation with VMware Horizon® and Workspace ONE™, ushering in a robust security architecture for the countless devices in use around its hospitals. As a result, Asklepios staff can now work from anywhere: Just a single mobile device gives nursing staff a clear overview of all their patients.

Maximum security is also guaranteed across the virtualized data center – thanks to the cloud-based security solution Carbon Black Cloud™ Endpoint Advanced and the surveillance software Carbon Black® App Control. Carbon Black Cloud enables the IT professionals at Asklepios to both ward off current attacks and take steps to prevent future threats. The Carbon Black App Control is able to control critical servers and systems to prevent undesirable modifications and guarantees consistent compliance with all relevant legal specifications – the optimal security solution for sensitive patient data.

Digital pacesetter in the German healthcare space

But how did the hospital group respond to the state of emergency triggered by the coronavirus? Very simply – with the aid of a secure, digital workspace concept. Staff were able to quickly switch to mobile working with virtual desktops affording the highest standard of security. That goes for everyone from senior doctors to nurses: “We are harnessing the opportunities afforded by digitalization to continually optimize the quality of healthcare, but also to ease the workload on our colleagues,” says Henning Schneider, Chief Information Officer at the Asklepios Healthcare Group. “By 2024, our plan is to be a fully digital healthcare group.”

Going forward, plans exist to press ahead with further advances in medical care. Specifically, the group is thinking about AI and automation, as well as robotics innovations for both patients and staff. Armed with an ultramodern IT infrastructure built on the firm digital foundation of VMware, the leading hospital operator is thus ideally placed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Read the detailed success story and find out more about how the Asklepios Group’s advances to date are already yielding benefits for customers and partners.

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