Building stronger bonds in law enforcement

Posted on 17/08/2021 by vmwareemeasmt

Breaking down the barriers between the community and the police force paves the way for better public safety. We delve into how technology can strengthen these networks and overcome negative perceptions while powering employee esteem and retention.

The ties between society and police forces have been under strain for some time, adding further stresses to daily life for enforcers. Working in law enforcement is challenging at best but pushback and distrust directed at officers can intensify the pressures to the point of damaging their esteem. At worst it can force them to reconsider their careers. However, when enforcers are given the tools to respond to community concerns effectively, they can focus on the issues impacting them while reaping the rewards of giving back.

Improving interaction & job satisfaction

Police officers are driven to serve their community and their ability to protect plays a key role in motivating their work. Creating a work environment that stimulates successes not only elevates their esteem, but it also reinforces their sense of purpose and in doing so, encourages engagement with the community. In turn, this generates more community satisfaction.

But how can they achieve results when enforcers’ time is continually stretched?

Delays to investigations have escalated since Covid, but countries such as Singapore are overcoming manpower shortages by supporting officers with game-changing technology. AI, automation, video analytics, tap sensors and drones are being deployed in public locations to create an environment that facilitates safety. This includes almost 90,000 cameras designed to help deter and investigate crimes. As of December 2020, the technology was already reported to have helped police solve 4,900 cases. Citizens also benefit from 24/7 access to police services with automated self-help kiosks in police centres to allow them to voice their concerns and spark action.

Forming a united front

Covid has also accelerated the need to sensitively deliver Community-Oriented Policing (COP). Bringing communities closer to the issues through technology is a key way to help serve them and empower law enforcement professionals. For example, Safeland, an app first used in Sweden, demonstrates how police action can be supported by uniting their expertise with data and intelligence from citizens. It harvests insights from residents such as suspect descriptions and information to support investigations. When enforcers have real-time awareness of criminal activity and concerns, they can respond to what’s deemed as most critical to the community.

Optimised tools & tactics

Law enforcement can be completely revolutionised by combining the power of closer community engagement with the right tools, such as evidence-based policing. This emerging technology (such as AI, machine learning and augmented reality) can provide real-time advice to law enforcement agencies, giving researchers and computer programmers access to the most significant outcome of different tactics. A study by Mirkow & Gelles (2020) looking into this emerging technology saw that predicted locations and suspects were linked with advanced forensic techniques in a fraction of the time it takes detectives. Their analysis also mitigated unconscious bias, further cementing their duty to prevent crime in the community.

Beyond supporting teams with day-to-day tasks, technology can upskill teams without putting a strain on resources. Real-world scenarios can be replayed and viewed via devices such as AR goggles to give them hands-on training in several scenarios. As they learn the best tactics to stop a situation escalating in its tracks, they become better equipped to managed community issues without igniting bad feeling.

Anywhere, anytime access

Gone are the days where law enforcement workers are confined to the office. Digital infrastructure solutions now enable staff to use critical apps and data wherever they are while adding value. Marrying this flexible working with the equipment to do the job successfully and more efficiently creates a recipe for job satisfaction. At the same time, it sparks a more attractive proposition to new talent joining enforcement teams, as they’re backed by intuitive technology that better utilises their time.

VMware delivers on this demand. Fulfilling teleworking, operations continuity and disaster preparedness goals by ensuring high availability and access to critical resources. Our Desktop Virtualisation solution provides agencies with a streamlined approach to realising, protecting and managing desktops and apps while containing costs and putting the end-users’ needs first. The public safety industry can open the door to a wealth of innovative ways to strengthen bonds between law enforcement harnessing our secure and scalable infrastructure.

Restoring trust & reinforcing stability

With the ongoing imperative to deliver safe nations, law enforcement teams need to be able to leverage technology. Giving them the means to take back their time, make investigation reports on the spot and uncover data that tells them what to do next, IT is a driving force behind a successful future that unites teams with the needs of the community. At VMware we’re elevating the role of IT through cutting-edge applications that make the police a more attractive proposition for leading IT specialists. But the potential to shape software in new ways and tackle each community network’s demands is infinite. Looking to restore trust with the networks you serve or want to discuss more about attracting and retaining law enforcement talent? Talk to us to find out how we can help you.

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