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The VMware Cloud event saw further evidence of VMware delivering its vision of any application on any cloud with intrinsic security. VMware has long been known as the virtualisation company, ultimately abstracting workloads, networks, and more from the underlying hardware. When it comes to the cloud, VMware has a similar approach. VMware Cloud aims to abstract traditional and modern applications from running on a single specific cloud to run flexible on top of any cloud using VMware Cloud Foundation as an abstraction layer. Read more of Barry Coombs’ recap and see his VMware Cloud tech doodle below, or browse his other tech doodles here.

Watch as ComputerWorld CTO Barry Coombs recaps the VMware Cloud Event:

During the VMware Cloud event, we heard about how VMware Cloud with Tanzu could run both modern and traditional applications flexibly within your data center or in the public cloud with providers such as AWS. Importantly, you don’t need to choose where your workloads will run and stick to it like you would have to with a native single provider approach. You have the control to move the applications quickly and freely between public cloud providers and your data center, as VMware Cloud is used as an abstraction layer from the underlying cloud infrastructure.

This approach will help some organisations looking to find a more straightforward method of moving to the cloud. It will allow them to move from their vSphere platform on-premises to cloud providers without refactoring applications. This will allow them to free up valuable time and resources to modernise the applications that will see the organisation’s most significant benefits.  

Watch the event on-demand to see these key elements covered in Barry Coomb’s VMware Cloud Tech Doodle:

  • VMware Cloud allows you to run traditional and modern applications in a standardised way across on-premises and public clouds 
  • With Tanzu developers can leverage a native set of APIs irrespective of the cloud where the application will run 
  • With Tanzu and vCloud Foundation you get a true Dev Sec Ops approach with intrinsic security and operations considered as part of the development process and not as an afterthought 
  • New VMware Cloud Universal licensing gives you a flexible way based upon credits to consume VMware Cloud irrespective of where you run the workloads, On-Premises or in AWS 
  • With VMware Cloud Universal you also get access to the Success 360 program for full support with your transformation journey as well as Cloud Console to centrally manage your licensing and monitor your workloads with vRealize integration 
VMware Cloud Tech Doodle

VMware Cloud Announcements

Whilst we have heard about VMware’s approach to the cloud before, announced at the event were several new important components, including:

  • VMware Cloud Universal
  • VMware Cloud Console
  • VMware Success 360
  • VMware App Navigator

VMware Cloud Universal Licensing

A credit-based flexible licensing methods allowing you to consume credits both on-premises with VMware Cloud Foundation and in the Cloud with AWS 

VMware Cloud Console

A single console allowing you to manage your VMware Cloud Universal Licensing but also allowing complete visibility to manage your workloads within the VMware Cloud with integration into VMware vRealize Operations  

VMware Cloud Console

VMware Success 360

For customers that purchase VMware Cloud Universal Licensing, they will gain access to VMware Success 360, a comprehensive offering that can help guide you for all stages of your cloud journey including,  

The VMware Cloud event saw further evidence of VMware delivering its vision of Any Application on Any Cloud with Intrinsic Security. VMware has long been known as THE virtualisation company, ultimately abstracting workloads, networks and more from the underlying hardware. When it comes to the cloud, VMware has a similar approach. VMware Cloud aims to abstract traditional and modern applications from running on a single specific cloud to run flexibly on-top of any cloud using VMware Cloud Foundation as an abstraction layer. 

  • Success Planning
  • On-going Adoption Guidance 
  • Workload Optimisation 
  • Design Workshops 
  • Dedicated Proactive Support  
  • and More 

VMware App Navigator

A service allowing customers to leverage VMware’s skill, experience, and tools to accelerate app modernisation within their company. During a 4-6-week engagement, VMware will help you address which apps to tackle first and the best approach to take. 

VMware Cloud isn’t a single destination, but rather a coming together of a standard set of components across multiple clouds, allowing organisations that require a multi-cloud approach to move more rapidly whilst maintaining high levels of security and compliance without having to refactor between clouds.  

If your organisation is looking to deliver a complete DevSecOps approach with both traditional and modern application across multiple clouds, VMware cloud is likely to be what you are looking for and with these announcements delivering this vision for your organisation just got a little bit easier. 

Don’t forget to check out the VMware Cloud event for yourself, which is now available on-demand with demos, labs and expert-led technical sessions.  

About the author

Barry Coombs is a long-term member of the virtual community being awarded the vExpert title for 11 years as well as being an active member and leader for the VMware User Group. Outside of his day job as Chief Technologist and Co-Owner of VMware Partner, ComputerWorld Systems LTD in the UK, Barry is an avid blogger and has his own unique style of covering industry events, live in the form of handwritten doodles. To view the original VMware Cloud tech doodle blog, click here.

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