OSRAM Continental – Shaping the future of mobility lighting with a cutting-edge, cloud-only IT infrastructure

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An industry in transition. Digitalization, electric propulsion and connected driving are the major challenges confronting the automotive industry today. The crucial thing now is to seize on the opportunities afforded by these trends.

OSRAM Continental, a manufacturer for intelligent automotive lighting solutions is treading the path of innovation and digital progress. Thanks to an optimized, ultra-modern IT infrastructure based on the cloud-only principle, the company has risen enviably to the challenges of digital transformation. It has done this by combining the expertise of two leading tech companies in the automotive space: OSRAM and Continental. By bringing together lighting, electronics and software, this joint venture is focusing on the promise of intelligent lighting solutions for unique driving and customer experiences.

Worldwide IT from a single source

The world is going digital and customers are becoming increasingly demanding. To keep up with the pace of change, corporate goals and IT resources must therefore address customers’ core needs. So how is OSRAM Continental responding to growing requirements for modern mobility concepts on the infrastructure side? Very simply by merging three key competencies: agility, flexibility and centralized management. When the joint venture was founded in 2018, its aim was to get a new IT infrastructure up and running worldwide in just six months. In collaboration with its partner vleet, OSRAM Continental opted for a data center running VMware on AWS – and was thus able to successfully migrate the company’s critical software engineering activities to a new, harmonized process landscape with not a single interruption to ongoing projects.

The workspace model of the future

In 2018, the young company started with a virtual desktop infrastructure built around VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon.

Harnessing this integrated VMware platform, OSRAM Continental has since succeeded in developing a modern and mobile workspace model. Staff can access corporate data from any location and any device. Transitioning to working from home on the back of the CoVID-19 pandemic has been a harrowing experience for many companies, but not so for OSRAM Continental: Here, the foundation for a swift, seamless transition had already been put in place some time earlier with VMware Workspace ONE. Employees who benefit from the resultant flexibility remain highly motivated and  productive.

Essentially, VMware Cloud on AWS empowered OSRAM Continental to be more agile, to build a global digital network and to put in place a robust IT infrastructure. “Digitalization is gaining ground in the major factories, and we expect this trend to continue,” says Michael Schöberl, CIO at OSRAM Continental. Cloud technology has so far proven its worth in every respect, already enabling the company to successfully virtualize critical applications. Apart from the production-related systems in the factories, everything at OSRAM Continental now runs in the cloud. And there are already plans for production activities, too, to follow suit.

Working in concert with VMware, the automotive lighting specialist plans to tackle trending topics such as projections in and outside the vehicle, which need huge volumes of data that will require efficient IT systems to manage them in real time. Here again, the public cloud will lay the foundation and serve the company well – providing OSRAM Continental with a global infrastructure powerhouse to drive it forward.

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