Adapting to The New Normal: What does it mean?

Posted on 18/06/2020 by vmwareemeasmt
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As Companies evolve and navigate through these current times, we start to see some distinct phases and thinking emerging for IT. Responds, Reflect and Rethink.

To be able to truly realise the benefits of a digital workplace, employers need to understand and enable anytime, anywhere and any device access. This must be done without exposing themselves to greater risks. This requires more than access to the cloud or a mobile working policy.

In this series on ‘The New Normal’ VMware will explain how Workspace One can help provide employees with what they need through these phases and the main considerations to take into account now and going forward too.


Andy Philp, Head of EMEA Solution Product Marketing for Digital Workspaces, Spencer Pitts, EMEA Chief Technologist for Digital Workspaces and Charles Barratt, our EMEA Digital Workspace Domain Architect, will discuss the challenges, opportunities and solutions in new podcast series. Join them for each episode as they look at the 4 steps needed to enable digital workspaces.

Episode 1: Remote Working: The New Normal?              

While organizations may be in a crisis mode to cope with current impacts, there are long-term impacts of which they should be aware. Businesses will need to leverage their sudden workspace expansion investment to develop a digital workplace strategy that would define their “Future of Work”. Tune in to hear Andy, Spencer and Charles discuss short and long-term business continuity topics from a physical, cultural and technological perspective.

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Episode 2: Successful Onboarding and Offboarding, an imperative for remote working 

Successful onboarding doesn’t end on the first day, first week, or even first year. It requires a constant and personalized commitment to employee success throughout their life as an employee, especially when they change roles or even leave the business. In this session, Andy, Spencer and Charles discuss lessons learned from customers in recent weeks, including joiner, mover and leaver policies and how these more relevant than ever with the increase in remote working.

Listen now:

Episode 3: Building New Ways of Working for All           

New ways of working are becoming the norm. Difficult times often drive innovation and new attitudes towards technology. In this session Andy, Spencer and Charles discuss how compelling events are changing healthcare, how demographic attitudes are changing and finally how traditional barriers to technology are being eroded.

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Episode 4: Embracing and Enabling a Remote-First Culture        

Most organizations having temporarily extended their corporate workspaces to majority of their employees during the pandemic are now considering how to get permanent benefits from their digital workspace investments. In this session, Andy, Spencer and Charles discuss security implications, and how customers may need to rethink their organizational structure and employees’ roles going forward.

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Learn more about the Key Considerations for Supporting ‘The New Normal’ here

Watch this webinar to hear real-world practical solutions to delivering a remote Digital Workspace



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