Don’t Break the Bank, Run IT and Change IT

Posted on 03/02/2020 by vmwareemeasmt

Introducing a new podcast from VMware for curious minds in the financial services industry.

Working in IT in the banking sector, it is easy to focus on keeping the lights on. In this new podcast series, host and Financial Services Industry Managing Director in the Office of the CTO at VMware, Matthew O’Neill along with fellow VMware colleagues explore the challenges and different facets of life in banking keeping CIOs and their teams awake at night. The goal is to transform the way banks and other financial service providers work and to provide the hose to put out the fires!

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Episode 9: Racing to a future that’s still emerging: the CTO view of financial services

In episode 8 of the podcast Matthew and Brian are joined by VMware’s CTO, Greg Lavender for a fascinating conversation about everything he’s learnt in making the switch from customer side to customer advocate. Greg offers great insight into what he’s hearing from FS organisations today and advice on what he would do differently if he worked for a bank again.

Download and listen to episode 9:

Episode 8: From heist to hostage: how can banks combat cyber threats?

Through necessity, the Financial Services sector is one of the most secure in the world; it’s also one of the most targeted by sophisticated cyber criminals (or adversaries).
In our latest episode, one of the world’s leading cyber security experts, Tom Kellermann, talks with us about how the threat has gone from bank heist to hostage situation, and what financial service providers can do to combat it.

Download and listen to episode 8:

Episode 7: The next frontier in innovation: the sustainability opportunity for banks with Nicola Acutt

Is sustainability shaking off its CSR/tick box origins and taking its place as a true differentiator and innovator? To find out, Matthew and Brian are joined by Nicola Acutt, VMware’s Vice President for Sustainability, in the latest episode of Don’t Break the Bank. Nicola shared some fascinating insights and relates them to VMware’s own route to sustainability – extremely pertinent when more FS providers are aspiring to be technology companies with banking licenses.

Download and listen to episode 7:

Episode 6: If only… with Enrico Boverino

In this episode, Matthew and Brian are joined by Enrico Boverino. The three compare notes on the missed opportunities they’ve experienced on both the vendor and buy-side of the financial services industry and look at how differing priorities effect how they make and manage change.

Download and listen to episode 6:

Episode 5: Pushing on and driving transformation with Martin Eves

In this episode, Matthew and Brian speak with Martin Eves, director for Cloud Foundation in EMEA at VMware, all about how enterprises within the financial services industry are rising to the challenges of technology evolution.

Download and listen to episode 5:

Episode 4: Unprecedented times with Rory Choudhuri

Recorded on March 24 2020, Matthew O’Neill, Brian Hayes and Rory Choudhuri discuss business continuity during a global pandemic and the challenges financial services organisations face when undertaking this radical shift to remote working.

Download and listen to episode 4:

Episode 3: Cyber security & banking with Scott McKinnon

It doesn’t matter what bank you work for, or where you are in the world, there’s one thing that units all IT decision-makers at banks – cyber security. In this episode, Matthew chats to Scott McKinnon, Business Solutions Architect at VMware, about how the threats banks face are changing, what that means for the security they put in place, and the implications if they get it wrong.

Download and listen to episode 3:

Episode 2: End User Computing with Spencer Pitts

Spencer Pitts, Chief Technologist for EUC in EMEA for VMware, joins Matthew to chat all things End User Computing. They discuss how banks and other financial service providers are transforming the way they work, the implications and the steps they take to overcome those obstacles.

Download and listen to episode 2:

Episode 1: Setting the Scene with Joe Baguley

Matthew is joined by Joe Baguley, CTO for EMEA at VMware, to discuss everything from mainframes to applications, the state of IT to the existence of cash.

Download and listen to episode 1:

Episode 10: Coming soon…

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About Matthew

Matthew O’Neill is the Industry Managing Director within the Advanced Technology Group inside VMware’s Office of the CTO (OCTO). He works with customers, account teams, R&D teams and the industry at large to tackle the strategic business issues of COO, CIO, CTO, CISO and IT Leadership with an eye on the 0-3 year time horizon.

Before joining VMware, Matthew spent 30 years’ in Banking and Banking IT at one of the world’s largest banks. Having ‘changed sides’, he brings fresh insight on how customers can recalibrate their Run vs Change activities to improve service, agility and innovation. He brings real-world experience in mitigating Operation Risk and improving Operational Resilience in the design and delivery of day-2 operations.

He spent five years living and working in Hong Kong, responsible for the delivery of IT Operations and Infrastructure across 18 Asia Pacific countries. He was a Board Member of a Chinese Service Company based in Shanghai, and he actively participated in the Hong Kong Hospital Authority IT Steering Committee. He has led teams small and large (3 to 3,500) including global teams across 80 countries and held direct budgetary responsibility for more than US$1bn. He has practical experience in Operational Risk, Audit and Compliance, Governance, and the Regulatory Environment.

Matthew regularly meets with customers, hosts VMware events, and represents VMware in regulatory and customer forums. He recently commenced the “Don’t Break The Bank, Run IT and Change IT” podcast, which is gaining increased momentum with each episode.

You can find Matthew on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Brian

Brian Hayes is a senior leader in the role of Financial Services Industry Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Brian brings considerable technology and business experience across many aspects of the FS Industry having held senior IT functional and leadership roles in Retail Banking, Capital Markets and Market Exchanges over the past 25 years for such companies as Barclays, Morgan Stanley and NYSE.  For the past 10 years he has lead a number of Global IT Infrastructure Transformation programmes delivery technology innovation, costs efficiencies and business outcomes.  Brian has also been a General Manager and senior executive within the consulting and systems integrator industry, leading global business lines and programme delivery teams.

Brian has operated globally throughout his career, having lived overseas on a number of occasions and worked for extensive periods leading initiatives and teams in locations as diverse as Brazil, Russia, Holland, France and India.

With this knowledge, skillset and experience, Brian brings life to client conversations and connection around not just the technology but also the business demands and themes, with relevancy to the broader industry challenges. Brian sees the future based around open innovation, bringing all parties to the table to drive customer solutions and value creation.

You can find Brian on LinkedIn.

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