VMware Cloud on AWS in action – virtual data centers and next generation apps

Posted on 22/05/2019 by vmwareemeasmt
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Laith Bahoshy, EMEA Head of Solutions Engineering for Cloud. 


In my last post, I highlighted how, a year after it launched in Europe, VMC on AWS had really captured the imagination of our customers.

I detailed four key use cases that had emerged – cloud migrations, building next gen apps, accessing on-demand capacity, and evolving disaster recovery. It goes to show how one solution can be deployed in so many different ways.

What’s equally satisfying is seeing our partners take VMC on AWS and use it to create value-added services for customers. It demonstrates the capacity of VMC on AWS to provide that consistent layer of management.

T-Systems and Tieto are two of VMware’s most trusted partners, both of whom have created new services for customers on VMC on AWS.

The virtual data center

The IT service provider of Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems has been a premier level VMware Cloud Provider Partner (VCPP) for the last five years. In February, it announced that it would be offering a managed service offering for VMware Cloud on AWS.

It will allow customers to quickly add virtual data centers to on-premise DCs, allowing data and applications to move easily between VMware private clouds and AWS public ones. With these capabilities, companies can increase their IT resources around the globe quickly and cost-effectively without having to invest in their own data centers, and take advantage of existing teams, skill sets, tools and processes.

In the launch announcement, T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh said “The cloud world is hybrid, with most companies using multiple platforms and services. I’m pleased that we are expanding our long-standing partnership with VMware. VMware is a leader in cloud infrastructure. AWS offers the largest public cloud. Our new managed service offering for VMware Cloud on AWS allows our clients to benefit from the AWS cloud while maximizing their existing investments in VMware.”

As our own CEO, Pat Gelsinger said, this new service allows “organizations to accelerate cloud adoption, modernize their data center environments and increase IT efficiency.”

The next generation application

Tieto, the largest IT partner in the Nordics, has gone down the next generation application route. In April, it announced Tieto Sign, a document signing service built on VMware Cloud on AWS.

It’s a great example of using hybrid cloud to digitalise a system that requires complete security and enhance it with digital flexibility and ease of use. Tieto Sign is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that will make it easy to upload, send, review and securely e-sign documents. Considering the number of industries that require verified signatures, including insurance, real estate, transportation, and banking, it has huge potential to speed up a critical part of any documentation process.

Daniel Björklund, Head of Risk & Compliance at Tieto, points out that “There is a need for a customised strategy where public and hybrid cloud is a supported choice for hosting, with service automation capability to deploy and manage workloads efficiently across different environments. Through Tieto Sign, companies can digitise their paper-based processes to save money, while reducing their environmental footprint.”

Other e-signature applications are available, but where Tieto Sign differs is that it uses VMware Cloud on AWS to allow customers to pay only for what they actually use. Tieto is using the hybrid cloud platform as a way of not only eliminating capital expenditure but also reducing operational expenditure thanks to the lifecycle management capabilities of VMware Cloud Foundation.

The result is a completely secure yet flexible application which allows businesses to move faster, whether it’s selling property, applying for loans or moving cargo.

The common denominator

Two different use cases, one common denominator. It’s thrilling to see how our partners and customers are responding to the introduction of VMC on AWS.

A year in to its European adventure and it’s already having a huge impact, helping customers build the future proofed infrastructure they need to reach their business objectives as they continue on their digital transformation journey. If you’d like to know how VMware Cloud on AWS could help you drive innovation and value to your customers, or if you’re in an enterprise and want to see how it could help you move data centers, create next-gen apps or evolve your approach to disaster recovery, let me know.

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