The road less travelled – the path to a true digital workspace

Posted on 23/01/2019 by vmwareemeasmt
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How we work is rapidly changing. Organisations are waking up to the huge potential gains in productivity when employees are empowered to work as they need to, rather than as their employers want them to. Technology has enabled this, and with ever more powerful devices and greater connectivity, very few places are now truly offline.

Yet technology availability and implementing it in a way that doesn’t compromise security or governance are two very different matters. To be able to truly realise the benefits of a digital workplace, employers need to understand and enable anytime, anywhere and any device access. This must be done without exposing themselves to greater risks. This requires more than access to the cloud or a mobile working policy.

It’s a challenge we’re seeing enterprises face every day. To that end, Andy Philp, Head of EMEA Solution Product Marketing for Empower Digital Workspaces, and Charles Barratt, our Digital Workspace Domain Architect, will discuss the challenges, opportunities and solutions in new podcast series. If you are looking to build a truly digital workspace, then this series is for you.

Join them each week as they look at the six steps needed to enable digital workspaces – from unburdening employees from a world of end-user pain, to the role of AI and automation in supporting employee productivity.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Session 1: The Doom and Gloom of End User Computing

Businesses are living in a world of End User Computing pain; slow logons, restrictive security, lacking mobility, terrible colleague experiences. Something has to change.  During this first podcast, Andy and Charles discuss the traditional approach to IT, how this is unsustainable and outline a path to modernisation.

Session 2: The App Economy

Following on from the previous session we’ll take the key challenges that businesses face and explore how applications, their modernisation, access and delivery are key to building a path to a digital workspace.

Session 3: Delivering a better Windows experience

We know that the world of IT isn’t just Windows, but it still represents a significant proportion of the estate.  We’ll see how business currently operate its desktop estate and how it can modernise delivery and management to give colleagues a stellar IT experience both virtual and native.

Session 4: Beyond Windows

The Digital Workspace provides an opportunity to deliver a smarter, more colleague centric experience beyond Windows. In this session we’ll discuss the options for management of other devices and operating systems to enable business value. We’ll look at the use cases that are present in businesses today and show you how they can be enlightened by a unified end point platform.

Session 5: The Swiss Army Knife

Modern businesses need a platform for the ongoing delivery of service and colleague experiences. Inside any organisation you will find a multitude of demographics that demand different access and delivery models. To address and become a key partner to the business IT needs a platform that delivers now, integrates to other enterprise technologies and provides the opportunity to seamlessly migrate at their own speed.

Session 6: The rise of the machines

To provide a consistent, repeatable service to colleagues we need to work with the machines, not against them.  AI and Automation can help deliver an exceptional service that is just right for colleagues based upon what they are doing at that time. In this episode of this podcast series, we will discuss where it is appropriate to operate such a model and why colleagues will benefit from it.

Session 7: Zero Trust

The way we work is rapidly evolving as advances in technology change the way we do business and deliver value to customers. As we digitally transform our organizations to take advantage of the speed-to-market capabilities of cloud-based computing, we are not only transforming our data centers but also the way we interact with technology. At Dell Technologies, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your workforce transformation goals. We enable you to attract and retain the right talent and grow your business effectively by providing seamless and intuitive user experiences, simplified management, as well as trusted security. It is our job to help you put your employees first.

You can download each episode from here, with a new one being uploaded every other Thursday from Thursday 24th January to Thursday 2nd May. 2019. By the end, we hope that you’ll have a clearer idea of how you can enable your digital workspace and unlock your workforce’s productivity.

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