Why you should join us at Gartner Security & Risk this year

Posted on 26/09/2018 by vmwareemeasmt
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We’re gearing up to open the door on security excellence with customers and partners alike at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, 10-11 September. Will you be joining us in London this year?

Security & Risk Management are a focus for all enterprises aiming to meet the pace and scale of the digital era. As businesses embrace new fast-evolving technologies, methodologies and tools, they need to develop increased resilience to thwart cyber-attacks, mitigate risk and drastically reduce the likelihood of data breaches. Join us at this years’ Gartner Security & Risk Summit for the opportunity to learn from VMware and industry experts about new threats, emerging technologies, how to address the Security & Risk skills gap and enable digital business in a world of escalating risk.

IT Security is Dead – Long Live IT Security!

In the modern datacenter or cloud, traditional network perimeter security models don’t provide enough visibility or control any longer to address the increasing sprawl of applications and users. In a digital business, IT organizations can be challenged to secure the interactions between users, applications, and data in an extremely dynamic environment.

A new approach to security design and deployment is needed. Security needs to become intrinsic to the infrastructure itself, rather than a bolted-on afterthought, and in a world where employees are now likely to be using multiple devices during their working day, we need to manage secure access and identity rather than use end-point devices as a proxy for user identity.

Join Richard Bennett, Head of Advisory Services for VMware in Northern EMEA on Tuesday 11 September at 12:00-12:30, to hear why transforming security in conjunction with good cyber hygiene is becoming a critical pre-requisite for business success. Transforming both networking and security is a vital part of meeting the digital expectations both users and the Board have. What’s more, this transformed infrastructure not only has to deliver secure business apps today, it also has to be flexible enough to be able to accommodate those not even yet on the horizon. This session explores the evolving role of security to both enable and protect business, the benefits of delivering a transformed ‘Virtual Cloud Network’ and critically, why this is all futile without improved cyber hygiene.

So, what else is on our agenda for this year?

VMware embeds security into the virtualization layer in which applications and data already live (providing foundational security services that are as flexible as the applications and data they protect) and into the enterprise mobility management platform that controls user access and delivers an optimal user experience.

This approach puts VMware software in a unique position within the infrastructure. From here, our technology provides new secure end-user engagement models and a deep insight into the interactions between users and applications, along with the context to understand what those interactions mean.

If you want to start the discussion ahead of the summit, engage with us on our social channels. Follow the link to join the conversation. For those of you who want to organise your schedule ahead of time – why not book in a meeting with us to find out more? Follow this link.

The Gartner Security & Risk Summit is a must-attend event for business and IT professional in enterprise-wide security, risk management, business continuity management or critical infrastructure. Join leading CISOs and top security and risk management professionals to hone your leadership capabilities and gather the information you need to build trust with agile security, manage risk and business resilience and transform your organisation for the next 30 years of IT security.

Want to register? Claim your exclusive €325 discount today by using our discount code: GSSECURITY21.

Register now today.

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