What a Virtual Cloud Network can do for your business

Posted on 03/08/2018 by vmwareemeasmt
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The network that got you to today is not the one that’s going to bring you forward.
Powerful new applications have become the lifeblood of companies across all industries, and the emergence of disruptive technologies, such as IoT and edge computing, means applications and data now reside everywhere – in the data center, in the cloud, at the branch, in a sensor at the edge of the network. But traditional hardware networks are reaching the physical limitation of what they can deliver and support.

In response, the vision of a Virtual Cloud Network focuses on creating end-to-end connectivity and security to deliver business technology into the hands of the user, over any cloud, for any application type, any service and any transport; whether that’s a smart vehicle, a remote worker, a sensor in a wind farm in the North Sea – the potential applications are infinite.

A Virtual Cloud Network sees the network become a universal fabric into which anything that requires network connectivity can be plugged. By doing so, it gives businesses have the digital foundation needed to choose their next move:  to innovate faster, develop with agility and focus on what they do best.

In the webinar Building the Network of the Future with the Virtual Cloud Network, you’ll hear from customers, partners, and experts on the latest innovations. And see key demonstrations of technology that are transforming networking and security.

See below for a snapshot of how the Virtual Cloud Network is transforming organisations and industries:

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