Why attending VMware Evolve 2018 can power your business transformation

Posted on 26/06/2018
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Want to know how you bridge the innovation-execution gap to aid your business transformation? Then make sure you attend VMware Evolve, taking place on 10th July at the Sofitel London St James near Trafalgar Square.

From rapid changes in market dynamics to new operating models and consumer demands, the forces driving business transformation continue to escalate. The traditional models of application and IT service delivery are no longer adequate, so what is the answer?

It’s a question we’ll be exploring at Evolve where, whether you attend in person or via the live stream, you’ll find out how to stay competitive in the fast-moving digital landscape.

What will we be covering?

  • Being far more responsive and flexible to meet business needs with a fully software-defined infrastructure
  • Delivering both security and scalability with a consistent hybrid-by-design approach
  • Integrating automation capabilities, and how they help reduce the need for manual processes to speed everyday operations and keep things consistent across the board
  • Why a software-defined approach is the key to allowing IT to deliver and manage both new and existing applications, from open APIs to native container apps, across all environments

You’ll also be the first to hear about our latest research findings from Cass Business School, which confirmed that many organisations face challenges when it comes to execute ideas into outcomes. In fact, in the study, Innovating in the Exponential Economy,[1]  it is apparent that bridging the innovation execution gap is only becoming more difficult in the digital age – thanks to a combination of the need for speed, a security landscape growing more sophisticated by the minute, and the need for automation to deliver true agility.

As always, there will also be the chance to network with industry peers and other experts, discussing the big issues of the day.

Register now for VMware Evolve to secure your spot.

[1] Feng Li, PhD, FBAM, Cass Business School. Innovating in the Exponential Economy: Digital Disruption and Bridging the New Innovation-Execution Gap, [2018]


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