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Rory and Garry take to the road again. Their topic: Transform Security. What does it take to make a company ‘IT safe’? What are the threats? And how should one approach security? Find out in this new Carpool Tech Talk.

In a hybrid-electric BMW i8, Rory Choudhuri, Solution Marketing Director and Garry Owen, Senior Solution Marketing Manager begin by discussing the copious amounts of data cars like that collect, and how ‘connected devices’ remain secure. The answer causes controversy as it relies on constant patches on a device you already own – moreover, a device you drive.

This leads onto a looming issue about who’s responsibility it is to secure these devices. And are devices in the economical end of the market being given this level of security at all? With people still relying on security measures that are over 30 years old, the tech talk evolves into informing viewers what security they need on top of what is already there.

A lot like Windsor castle that the Carpool drives past during the talk, having a wall (firewall) around what someone’s trying to protect is a good start, but a persistent, clever hacker can still get through. So, as Garry reflects; whether a person is protecting their apps, data center or castle, they will need more than a wall.

Which is where VMware, and the VMware AppDefense steps in.

Offering a platform that establishes a normal environment but flags up abnormalities may be disruptive tech, but it’s a lot more thorough and effective than patching problems once a breach has been uncovered.

Click here to watch the Carpool Tech Talk and stay tuned for the next road trip. In the meantime, test-drive VMware’s products with the Hands-on Lab, and ensure your data center is protected by downloading VMware’s Dummies guide.

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