How the Bank of Georgia introduced new services to customers securely and effectively with VMware

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We always proudly share the successes that customers achieve with our solutions. The project, implemented in the Bank of Georgia, is a vivid example of timely and effective interaction.

There are 6,000 employees in the Bank and more than 220 of them are in IT department. Its mission is to support customers, investors, employees and society in building of a successful future through our expertise, dedication and constant innovation.

The bank is currently transforming service delivery to mass retail clients from a product-centric to a customer-centric one. The client centric approach has also had very encouraging early signs and in 24 pilot branches sales have increased threefold.

The Bank wants to become more digital, and to modernize its technologies. With vSphere 6.5 and vCenter Server its data-center already 90% virtualized, there are more than 750 virtual machines now.

“VMware is providing good support and constantly improving their software. We don’t plan to change our virtualization platform in the foreseeable future.” — says Levan Jikia, Deputy CIO, IT Operations, Information Technology Department, Bank of Georgia.

However, several significant problems remained in the Bank’s branches:

In order to meet the goal of improving operating in branches while increasing customer satisfaction Bank of Georgia has embarked on a major rollout of virtual desktop infrastructure.  All branches are to migrate from traditional desktops to VDI solution using Horizon 7 Enterprise with NSX Advanced for Horizon. The project was supported by HT Solutions, the leading consulting company in the field of IT in Georgia.

VDI solution has already proved its successful implementation and fixed many of the issues:

NSX for Horizon helps increase security at the branches, providing protections of end points against attacks by implementing micro-segmentation. Each virtual desktop has its own perimeter defense, protecting it against east-west traffic within the data center. IT can quickly and easily create and manage security policies across virtual desktops, and as a virtual desktop moves from one device to another, or across the datacenter, the policy automatically follows it.

Bank of Georgia team plans to expand the VDI project to 3000 workplaces, and also to scale network micro segmentation to the entire server infrastructure. This will help achieve an even higher level of protection against threats.

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