Six hot customer stories to whet your appetite for VMworld 2017

Six hot customer stories to whet your appetite for VMworld 2017

Posted on 08/09/2017 by blogsadmin
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Arguably the most important aim of VMworld is providing a platform for customers to learn from each other about the amazing work they’re doing to transform their organisations with VMware technology.

Every year, we hold dedicated sessions covering the breadth of our product portfolio, enabling our customers and partners to expand their knowledge and connect with other ambitious IT specialists. We have a large number of customers giving their first-hand experience of VMware products – often in conjunction with our very own VMware experts – giving attendees a chance to see how the products work in action and how they’re being put to use to constantly innovate.

While VMworld is a great focal point, we endeavour to get customers to tell their stories all year round. Here are six hot customer story snapshots to whet your appetite for the event.


With enterprises continually ramping up the focus on security, there has been a rise in the number of businesses adopting our NSX solution to address security concerns. Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce giant, is one of those businesses.

“With NSX we’re increasing security through micro-segmentation, capturing security within the application architecture and managing it through its lifecycle,” Nick Tramontin, EU Infrastructure and Operations Manager at Rakuten commented. “We’ve optimised our network traffic flow using the NSX Distributed Router and NSX Distributed Firewall as we optically strive to provide tools and support and services that allow the development teams to spend more time implementing business logic.”


VMware’s vSAN is helping customers globally cut costs and improve performance. Take Coop, Denmark’s largest consumer goods retailer, which had to look at reducing costs of its IT systems because it was operating in a very-low margin market thanks to increasing competition. According to Soren Vendler, IT Enterprise Architect: “vSAN is able to provide a very high performance in terms of miles per second at a very low cost of ownership.”

Deutsche Bahn

DB Systel is the digitalisation partner of Deutsche Bahn, the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe. Christian Handt, Head of Workplace Infrastructure Management Services at DB Systel, said that the company has reduced the operations cost per application for its customers by 75 percent with Workspace ONE. It has also reduced user incidents per month from 2100 to 210, simplified the installation process for its users and has made Windows 10 easily deployable.

“Our goal is to enable the user to pick up a Windows 10 device and have it fully functional in less than an hour without any helpdesk support. This allows our IT administrative team to reduce the support and focus more on innovation,” said Handt.

Telefónica Global Services

Telefonica Global Services, with more than 300 million users in 21 countries, needs to guarantee network connectivity to all customers. It worked closely with VMware to go software-defined, designing and implementing a business continuity solution. The result? Telefónica now provides a secure, robust and guaranteed service to its customers, with the assurance of high availability even in the event of a disaster. Telefónica Global Solutions can innovate faster, better anticipate infrastructure requirements and accelerate time-to-resolution, building strong customer relationships through an improved customer service.

“With VMware, we’ve been able to digitally transform – and the benefits have been substantial. We’ve reduced costs, complexity and now boast a fully-scalable system,” said Gustavo Martin Bouso, Senior DevOps Manager at Telefónica Global CTO.

Making the most of these technologies can require specialist help – VMware provides professional services to support numerous businesses, so that the business can focus on adding strategic value elsewhere.

Orange Business Services (OBS)

Orange Business services has built the Orange Cloud for Business solution with VMware Professional Services (PS).

Thierry Verney, Skills Center Servers and Virtualization Manager at OBS said that the expertise from the VMware PS team has helped to build the skills of its own teams to use the solutions.

“VMware Professional Services gives us access to architects and consultants with top-notch technical expertise which is great as we can learn to make the most of VMware solutions and implement them in our offerings – whether these are in the public cloud, private cloud, integrating VMware’s full stack is complex and requires expert know-how,” he said.

PKO Bank Polski

For 10 years, PKO Bank Polski has been using VMware technologies to tackle the challenges related to development of its activity and the changing market environment, which has included the virtualization of its servers.

With the level of virtualization of infrastructure amounting to almost 70%, ensuring security of serviced applications had not only become a greater challenge to the bank, but a priority. PKO Bank Polski chose to use VMware NSX Network and Virtualization platform to address this challenge and ensure a high level of security.

“VMware NSX supports monitoring of all layers in this environment, for example to detect any malware. It allows to build intelligent security rules which are assigned to virtual workloads independently from physical network typology” said Krzysztof Halkicki, Deputy Director of the IT Infrastructure.

To find out about how our solutions have helped more customers and to learn about the rest of VMware’s technology stack, join us (and thousands of customers) at VMworld Europe, or keep up with the event over on Twitter here.

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