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program Partner Connect a nová podoba strategie VMware pro obchodní kanály

Jean Philippe Barleaza, EMEA VP Channel, Alliances and General Business, VMware

VMware has always had high ambitions and still has them. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown from its server virtualization roots into today’s multi-cloud world of modern applications. At the same time, it has always been and is true that we can only grow thanks to the active and committed ecosystem of partners who sell our solutions.

He has never been more important than today. The world of enterprise technology is becoming increasingly complex. Our portfolio is also constantly growing with acquisitions and new solutions that we develop. Therefore, we must continuously modernize the experience of our partners – just as we strive for it with our customers.

The launch of the new VMware Partner Connect is a real breakthrough. We are changing the core dynamics of our sales channel strategy – offering our partners greater flexibility, simplicity and easy differentiation from the competition – to work together as one ecosystem to help businesses and government institutions across Europe successfully implement new technologies.

T akova’s vision. How do we implement it?

First, we strive to ensure that everything we do is based on the needs and requirements of our customers. Their success today depends on the ability to provide modern applications and with them to offer innovative services, in a secure and scalable manner, and to differentiate them from the competition.

This is easy to say, but developing and managing applications is significantly more complex than before and requires the assembly of elements from the entire multicloud infrastructure. It is also complicated from a geographical point of view. The range of technologies available is growing and we can see considerable fragmentation in the EMEA markets, with differences in maturity, sophistication and level of technology adoption coming to the fore.

This complexity is a real problem for businesses, but it offers amazing opportunities to our partners in the EMEA region. They can provide a consistent level of experience and make it easier for customers to leverage technologies to their needs through a single digital foundation and to deploy new innovative applications and services. Our partners can thus become masters in the application of technologies that will bring real benefits to the customer’s business. They will be able to establish long-term relationships and become trusted advisors and guides on the path of transformation. From consulting and analysis, to support in the migration of applications to managed services – the opportunities to simplify the life for customers are inexhaustibly offered to partners.

And simplicity is also the basic principle behind the Partner Connect program. We are aware that our former partner ecosystem may have seemed too complex and overly focused on transactions. It was a natural consequence of a very significant and very rapid growth in width and depth. Partners could be involved in the VMware Cloud Provide program, have the status of reseller, solution provider, or managed service provider — and each had a different contract under specific conditions. This could be confusing.

That is why we have simplified everything to the maximum and today we have one program and one contract. That’s all. Partners no longer have to box unnecessarily, but work with us in a way that best suits their business model. We assess the value according to the overall business relationship between the partner and VMware, not according to which category it falls into.

However, the differentiation of partners is key. Our partners call for the opportunity to better formulate their unique sales arguments in a highly competitive market. This is primarily due to the Master Services Competencies (MSC) certification – our highest recognition of qualifications in line with VMware’s strategic IT priorities. Master Services Competencies certifications cover data center virtualization, cloud management and automation, VMware Cloud on AWS, network virtualization, and the digital work environment. Given the need for enterprise IT departments to meet end-user requirements for new applications, we opened the MSC for Native Cloud Solutions and Kubernetes at last year’s VMworld Europe conference. We will further expand and innovate the offer of certifications to correspond to the current situation in the field. Each MSC certification currently has three levels: Partner, Advanced Partner and Principal Partner. And in the coming months, we plan to incorporate partner programs for our new products, including VeloCloud and the recently acquired Carbon Black and Pivotal.

Two things need to be highlighted:

First, partners do not have to invest in any competencies that are not relevant to their business model. The program is designed to allow partners to choose their own path of differentiation, whatever it may be. For example, it can become a Principal Partner in the field of data center virtualization and nothing else, or it can be a Principal Partner for VMware Cloud on AWS and at the same time an Advanced Partner for a digital work environment. We can offer advice and assistance, but the choice is in the hands of each partner.

Second, the more partners invest, the more we invest. We are aware that obtaining any MSC certification represents a considerable time and personnel investment. Our certifications are the best of the best and not in vain – obtaining them requires a lot of effort. In the Partner Connect program, partners are rewarded for the level of investment – in terms of joint sales, training, implementation, demand generation and business incentives that we offer, depending on the level of certification the partners achieve. For example, by reaching the Principal Partner level, he demonstrates the highest level of knowledge of VMware technologies and business performance – as a result, he receives the most rewards. We have set up the program in this way according to the feedback from our partners who are interested in joint investments, which will enable them to achieve the maximum level of differentiation that they are able to.

The comdivision group is one of the first partners to receive all MSC certifications. Its CEO, Yves Sandfort, says the company is already reaping the expected benefits. „It’s great for us as a partner who has always invested in education to be more visible now, which helps us differentiate ourselves from others. The benefits we enjoy as an MSC partner help us provide even better services to our customers. We are pleased to be the first and second worldwide partner in German-speaking countries to receive all five professional certifications. Consolidating all affiliate programs into one will also make it easier for us to access new market opportunities. ”

Ofir Abekasis, CEO of TeraSky, also praises the Partner Connect program: “Achieving the Principle Partner level has helped us differentiate ourselves from the competitors in our market. It has allowed us to focus much more on what and how we deliver to our customers, and on investing in competencies that suit our business model, so we can benefit customers more. ”

This is mutually beneficial for state institutions and companies. This means for them the opportunity to obtain top professional services provided by verified and certified partners, who are equipped with the appropriate resources, knowledge, skills and tools. And thanks to the overview, commitment and quality verification process, we are able to connect the most suitable partner with each business case.

Program Partner Connect byl spuštěn 29. února. Toto datum jsme zvolili úmyslně. Je přestupný rok a pro nás nový program znamená přelomovou událost – strategický krok kupředu. Jak řekla Jenni Flinders, naše globální ředitelka pro prodejní kanály: „Program VMware Partner Connect zásadně mění způsob, jakým obchodně spolupracujeme s našimi partnery a pomáháme jim zajištovat úspěch jejich zákazníků a podporovat jejich digitální transformaci.“

We plan to make minor minor adjustments to the Partner Connect program. It will continue to evolve according to changes in the industry and in customers‘ purchasing behavior and will also accommodate the new business models of our partners. From the beginning, we have designed it with a view to easy updates due to the rapid development of the industries in which we and our partners operate and where there is no time for major revisions. We therefore offer a program based on simplicity and flexibility, which is based on feedback and close cooperation with our Partner Advisory Councils around the world. After all, even in this case, what can be confirmed by anyone who experiences a quality relationship applies – if you stop listening to your partner, you will stop being attractive to him.

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