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Posted on 15/05/2020 by vmwarebelgium

VMware vForum 2020 Online is a series of four online events, organized by VMware in the coming two months. These sessions will give you an update of the latest market trends in technology and developments at VMware in particular. In addition, discover here five other reasons why you should follow vForumOnline 2020

Since VMworld 2019 Europe much has happened at VMware. We acquired Carbon Black and its solutions have since been integrated in VMware’s services portfolio. Additionally, we have launched the VMware Tanzu portfolio as well as VMware Cloud Foundation 4 and vSphere 7. Combined, these services offer the most extensive software stack for building and running applications. Customers can develop modern apps and update existing apps in their infrastructure at the same time. 

Due to the amount of news over the past months, we can imagine not everyone is fully up to date. Therefore we have summarized the most important announcements. We will discuss these topics extensively during the four sessions at VMware vForum 2020 Online. So, make sure you attend if you wish to dive in deep and want to be able to determine how these developments can be applied to your organization.

Firstly, check here the upcoming sessions. And secondly, register via this banner ⬇️⬇️:

What to expect? 

VMware Tanzu: App modernization-portfolio

Simply put, VMware Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services that enable organizations to development better software faster. Customers can utilize the suite to automate a modern app lifecycle, run Kubernetes in multiple clouds and optimize and uniform multi-cloud operations.

VMware Cloud Foundation 4: Hybrid cloud infrastructure for modern apps

VMware Cloud Foundations 4 with Tanzu ensures hybrid cloud infrastructure with consistent management for VMware based as well as container based applications which already have intrinsic security and lifecycle management for software defined compute, storage and network sources. This new release includes VMware Cloud Foundation Services and integrated Kubernetes.


VMware vSphere 7: Basis for the modern hybrid cloud

This version of VMware vSphere is the biggest evolution of vSphere in the past decade. VMware vSphere 7 had its preview in August 2019 under the name Project Pacific. This project was aimed at the renewal of vSphere to an open platform that uses Kubernetes API’s for a cloud like experience for developers and operators.

As basic component of the VMware Tanzu portfolio, this new release supports modern as well as traditional applications by using a combination of virtual machines, containers and Kubernetes. VMware vSphere 7 helps developers and operators to be productive with faster-time-to-innovation combined with the security, stability and governance of a traditional enterprise infrastructure against lower costs.


VMware Carbon Black

Our acquisition of Carbon Black gives a boost to our intrinsic security offer with which we can help our customers with a complete and extensive approach for endpoint and workload security. In addition VMware Carbon Black offers advanced cybersecurity-analytics to help you stopping cyberattacks and response quicker to these threats.


Register today!

So, do you want to be able to build, run, manage and connect any application in any cloud on any device? Register today for VMware vForum 2020 Online and take part in one or more online sessions!

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