Modernized data center is about Innovation and Agility

Posted on 13/04/2018
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Digital transformation is everyone’s favourite buzzword, but what does it really mean for businesses? And for the data center? Find out in the latest Carpool Tech Talk videos.

Garry and Rory are on the road to talk big data, but also self-driving cars and the ever-evolving modernised data center.

Driving the new Nissan Leaf, Rory Choudhuri is joined by Garry Owen to discuss how the change in data centers is impacting both businesses and customers. In the past 10 years, building a data center has become less about infrastructure, but more about the application. This shift to a more user-focused data center has caused the value of data to rise.

But what does that really mean? It means that the modern data center is catering for our ever-developing digital environment. Aircraft engineers can spot potential faults in an instant. Trains run smoothly on your commute (most of the time). And your soon-to-be driverless car will take you just about anywhere.

Transforming the business

Digital transformation isn’t just a phrase to be thrown around. What it means for businesses and their customers alike is incredible. As the capabilities of data centers continue to develop, the capabilities of businesses and industries will transform alongside them.

So, how will your security and compliance teams keep up as data moves closer to the edge of your network? Garry and Rory are back in the car to discuss how digital transformation will impact security. Watch the video to discover how businesses will adapt.

To learn more, read our latest modernised data center blog. And also deep dive into our new Dummies Guide (Data Center Modernisation For Dummies).

Discover more with our interactive hands-on labs on how to modernise your infrastructure.

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