The Must-See Sessions at this Year’s Event

Posted on 13/09/2020 by osanders
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Attention VMworld attendees!
As you know, the most highly anticipated event in tech is streaming live online this year; it’s never been easier to attend.

Whether you’ll be joining us from your office, your home workspace, or your living-room sofa, you will have unrivalled access to a vast array of sessions, across several dedicated tracks. The agenda has been designed to keep you up to date on the topics that matter most to you, your industry, and your career.

Browsing through the hundreds of sessions to plan your personal VMworld experience may seem overwhelming. To make it easier, we’ve hand-picked the sessions from each track you won’t want to miss…

Digital Workspace Track

This track includes everything you need to optimise your remote working infrastructure, to stay on top of the latest innovations surrounding the digital workspace, and to ensure your knowledge of VMware Workspace One is up to date.

Build this session into your schedule now ⬇
• Keynote: Journey to a Future Ready Workforce (DW2716)

Emerging Trends Track

Are you looking to better prepare for the future of IT? In this track, each session will take a deep dive into the trends shaping the very fabric of our industry.

These are the must-see sessions: ⬇

• Game Changing Employee Productivity with Spatial Computing and VMware (1213)
• Inside xLabs and Off-Roadmap Innovation in VMware’s Office of the CTO (2406)
• Confidential Computing: Architecture and the Future of Application Security (1625)

Modern Applications Track

The app world changes so rapidly – innovations are swift, and we can’t afford to be left behind This track includes invaluable insights from industry leaders to help keep your finger on the pulse, explorations of emerging concepts within the field, and some ‘how-tos’ around getting more into production faster.

The sessions you won’t want to miss ⬇

• Modernize Systems in Days and Weeks, not Months and Years (2275)
• Deconstructing the Monolith: Replace, Refactor, Rebuild, or Replatform (2219)
• Always-on Service for Millions: Kubernetes and Observability Best Practices (MAP1591)
• Keynote: Modern Apps – Get Better Software into Production Faster (APM2656)


Whether you specialise in Hybrid Cloud or Multi-Cloud Operations, everything you need to know for optimising an efficient, secure and innovative Multi-Cloud strategy will be covered in this track. The keynote is a must-watch ⬇

• Keynote: Multi-Cloud Strategy to Deliver Modern Apps to Any Cloud (MC2797)

Telco 5G

In this track, you will discover how common cloud-based architecture can deliver agility to 5G networks – with real life case studies that put it in to practice, and much, much more.

Top sessions for your diary ⬇

• Show Me the Money: Monetizing 5G and Enterprise Services with VMware (2636)
• Accelerate Deployment of a Distributed 5G Core Network (2644)
• Transforming 5G Economics with an Automated Telco Cloud Platform (2637)

Virtual Cloud Network

If you are ready to explore the ins and outs of Cloud-Scale Networking and SD-WAN or Network Edge, this is the track for you. You will hear the latest developments on the Virtual Cloud Network with readiness for the future in mind.

Don’t miss ⬇

• Keynote: Virtual Cloud Network – The Network for Your Future Ready Business (VCN2799)

Intrinsic Security Track

Security is at the core of everything we do here at VMware, and we are delighted to bring you this dedicated track. This year, we are taking a deep dive into the capabilities of the NSX Service-defined Firewall, the latest innovations in end-to-end data center security design, and exploring a new approach to Workload Protection.

Look out for ⬇

• Keynote: Intrinsic Security, Intrinsic Advantage (IS2800)
• Demystifying the NSX-T Data Center Distributed Firewall (EDU) (1141)

Excited yet? We are, too!

To begin planning your VMworld 2020 experience, visit the session builder now, or browse the full content catalog here.

See you there.

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