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Posted on 14/04/2019 by wallispr
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We know many of our customers are strategic partners with Cisco, as well as VMware. For years, they’ve been telling us they want to use both technologies – together. And they can.

It’s no secret that networks perform better when hardware and software work together. We’re not suggesting you get rid of hardware. We believe physical infrastructure still matters, but hardware alone can’t deliver the proactive security approach your data needs or enable operational excellence. In fact, you’ll get more out of your existing hardware investments by taking a software-first approach to the network – allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

You can’t meet today’s needs with yesterday’s approach

Traditional hardware-centric networks put IT at risk of falling behind because they drain productivity, are often outdated, and make the cloud more complex. As the number of endpoints and environments grow, the job to manage them becomes increasingly time-consuming. Physical networks aren’t intuitive, meaning they have to guess what applications need. And perhaps most importantly, physical network security is reactive, not proactive, putting your data at risk.

The software-first network

With an integrated, software-first network you avoid the time-consuming, expensive hardware update cycle. A VMware NSX solution provides end-to-end security for apps and data and helps you be more agile and responsive to ever-changing business needs. And as users, data, and devices continue to grow, the software-first approach allows you to handle it without adding new teams or stretching the budget. What’s more, NSX solutions enable operational excellence by automating processes, reducing the risk of human error and time re-doing work.

Our ‘Software-Defined WAN For Dummies’ guide explains how to migrate to a distributed network which is less complex, more flexible and easier to manage. No need to get rid of existing hardware.

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