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Posted on 03/01/2019 by wallispr
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As we move into 2019, we thought we’d share a recap of some of the key announcements which support our strategic IT priorities.  

These core pillars define our approach to the support we give our customers. At VMware we are focused on supporting their digital transformation, from infrastructure through delivery and security to the end-user experience. In this post, we’re looking at transforming networking and security and you can also read our other posts on modernising the data center integrating public cloud and empowering the digital workspace.  

Security is broken 

Why do we need to transform networking and security? Because the threats we face have changed beyond all recognition, but the way we try to combat them is stuck. Pat Gelsinger used his VMworld 2018 Europe keynote to explain that “security is broken. You are spending the largest portion and the largest growth of the IT budget in the industry today is security and the cost and the number of breaches is increasing more rapidly than security spend.”  

We’re operating in a hyper-connected world – while it offers huge opportunities to engage with users and provide deeper levels of experience, it also offers an increased surface area to be attacked. The way we need our applications and environments to perform – sharing data, moving seamlessly – is rendering traditional castle-wall type approaches redundant.  

The future of the network is software 

What does that mean for networking and security? At VMware, it means providing a ubiquitous software layer across data center, cloud and edge infrastructure. This maximises visibility and clarifies the context of the interaction between users, applications and data, helping to identify threats and weaknesses before they can have an impact on operations.  

It’s embodied in the Virtual Cloud Network, our vision for networking which was announced in May. “The future of networking is software, and the network of the future is the Virtual Cloud Network,” said Rajiv Ramaswami, chief operating officer, products and cloud services, VMware. “VMware is helping customers today to build tomorrow’s software-defined Virtual Cloud Networks to connect and secure apps and users. And with the new NSX networking and security portfolio, we are helping customers build a Virtual Cloud Network today through a software-based digital business fabric that is flexible, programmable and inherently more secure network.” 

Security at the heart of the network 

Being inherently more secure means being able to identify bad behaviour and is at the heart of the new approach to networking and security. As Tom Corn, vice president and general manager for security products at VMware, details, you know your business, and what looks right.  IT teams need to be able to identify abnormal or unauthorised. Only then can they react accordingly.   

By taking this approach, legitimate users aren’t restricted in how, or what, they want to do, as long as it fits within the parameters of what correct looks like. This is the only way an enterprise can harness the power of digitisation, without being overexposed.  

This was brought to life by the introduction in the summer of VMware vSphere Platinum, a new edition of vSphere that integrates VMware AppDefense to deliver advanced security capabilities fully integrated into the hypervisor. This makes it easier for administrators to see if hostile workloads are running on their equipment – exactly the sort of visibility we’re talking about when we discuss transforming networking and security.  

A validated approach 

2018 saw VMware turn twenty, which means customers and partners get two decades’ worth of experience in every product and service we develop. Through constant interaction and our knowledge of the market, we have a strong conviction that our approach is the right one.  

However, external validation is always welcome, which is why we were delighted that VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud was named as a leader in the first Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure back in October. We were positioned furthest on the Completeness of Vision, fantastic testament to our own VCN vision and our focus on connecting, and securing, IT regardless of where it is.  

Having a secure digital infrastructure fit for business today continues to be a priority for our customers, and our work in 2018 is proof of our commitment to delivering that for enterprises.  

Want to find out more? Test-drive VMware’s products with the securing application infrastructure Hands-on Lab, and ensure your data center is protected by downloading VMware’s Dummies guide. 




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