What Not to Miss on VMware Cloud on AWS

Posted on 05/02/2021 by charlene

Our partnership with AWS continues to thrive during these unprecedented times. Reinforced at AWS re:Invent, our joint solution VMware Cloud on AWS is delivering a seamless hybrid cloud for vSphere workloads. 

Stay up to date with our VMC on AWS on-demand sessions and our sponsored sessions at AWS re:Invent.  

VMworld on-demand sessions: 

  • VMC on AWS Architectural Best Practices [HCP3186S] 
  • VMC on AWS: What’s New in Networking and Security [HCP1258] 
  • Accelerate Your Hybrid Cloud Journey with VMC on AWS: What’s New [HCP1155] 

VMware Sessions at AWS re:Invent: 

  • VMware Cloud on AWS Architecture Patterns and Best Practices [ENT309] 
  • Build, Run, Manage, Connect, and Protect Hybrid Clouds with VMware [ENT285-S]  

The Latest from theCUBE:

Get Started with VMware Cloud on AWS today. 

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