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Posted on 11/09/2020 by charlene
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At the end of March 2020 many African countries felt the impact of the global pandemic. Offices shut, lockdowns were put in place and businesses were shuttered. It was a new world and it was a world that demanded that IT step up and take charge – ensuring that business kept the lights on.

But quietly in the background there were a set of VMware partners that had spent their entire lives gearing for this exact moment. The VMware Cloud Partners. A group of innovative organisations that had changed their business model to provide customers not just access to VMware solutions, but cloud real estate, built on the back of VMware technologies that they were ready to roll out – spin up and start providing ensuring everyone still got to work every day.

“These partners really stood out and became what we called our very own Cloud Heroes. Why? Because they managed to get people to work every day. From Nigeria, to Kenya and back to South Africa – they rose up and took the challenge,” says Dave Funnell, Cloud Provider Manager at VMware Sub-Saharan Africa.

But don’t take our word for it… This is what our partners had to say:

“As Africa’s pioneer cloud platform, we focus on providing a secure, reliable and robust solution. This sees businesses run, people thrive, and cloud implementations grow. Successfully rooting our country’s future in not only technology, but people who can be effective thanks to world-class technology,” says Andrew Cruise, Managing Director, Routed (South Africa).

“Silicon Sky’s Cloud Services not only comprises of best of breed products, it also provides complete flexibility to scale capacity up and down when needed with a self-service portal for complete control of your server(s), with no setup or internet traffic charges. Allowing you to access your servers from wherever you may be working from,” says Brenton Halsted, Managing Director, Silicon Sky. (South Africa).

“VMware, the technology partner of CyberCloud infrastructure made working from home possible and seamless. As the technology allows users to login to their application irrespective of their location to enable them carry out their daily office task without limitations. This technology has given birth to an office without walls,” says Laurel Onumonu, Head Cloud business, Cybercloud Platform Limited (Nigeria).

“Our cost effective, highly scalable, IaaS platform gives our customers the flexibility to consume on resources demand and only pay for what they use,” say Vaughan Gerson, Manager Director, FirstNet Technology Services (South Africa).

“Layer3Cloud provides you our customers all the support you need to take your workplace to the cloud,” says Pamela Utomakili, Associate Product Manager, Layer3 (Nigeria).

“As a full integrated ICT provider, we can offer everything from connectivity, security, compute, storage and managed services at a very compelling price point. We have best of breed hardware, highly experienced engineers and optimised processes give our customers the best possible cloud experience,” says Barry Kemp, Head of IaaS, Vox (South Africa).

The VMware Cloud provider “Your cloud. Our technology – Helping people go to work every day”

Watch the video here: VMWare-Customer Campaign Video


To find out more about the VMware Cloud Provider program click here:

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