VMware vForum Online 2020: 5 Top Reasons to Attend

Posted on 20/04/2020 by charlene
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vForum Online 2020 kicks-off next month and it’s time to plan for it. Here are the top reasons why you should attend this eminent event, targeted at IT professionals who need to act, with speed today – and build for tomorrow.

1. The latest & greatest technology updates on issues that matter. Ensuring you, EMEA’s leading IT experts, are on the vanguard of VMware’s cutting-edge software solutions. Giving you direct access to VMware’s top subject matter experts, providing tips to improve usage of existing solutions and roadmaps that can advance your capabilities to conquer new business requirements. And hear from our customers, those who’ve cracked the code on addressing challenges like the ones you may be facing

2. Web-based ease. vForum is digital this year, delivered via a series of high-impact, 60-minute online sessions. Highly consumable and engaging, we will engulf you in demos, videos, roadmaps and guest speakers. Being web-based, all you will need is a computer and an internet connection.

3. Rich, highly topical content. Our sessions are devoted to the big IT challenges you are facing now, as well as helping you plan for what’s next. Dive into our four themed sessions:
– Remote Working: The requirement for companies to support flexible workstyles has increased drastically and this session is devoted to seeing and hearing about real-world practical solutions to delivering a remote digital workspace.
– Multi-cloud: Where are we at with multi-cloud use, and how is the VMware cloud operating model both delivering and driving it? – The Virtual Cloud Network: What are the possibilities of a Virtual Cloud Network; how it can enable a ‘one-click’ public cloud experience; how it is driving a new, intrinsic security; and how it is delivering highly innovative capabilities for switching, routing, firewalling, and software-define WAN, entirely in software.
– Modernising Applications: Three, inter-connected questions are likely to be on IT’s priority list: what application do I run? Where do I run it? and why – what is the outcome? Find out the answers and address why in order to accelerate the pace of innovation, we need to simplify operations and management.

4. Open Q&A with the experts. The teams will be on-hand to answer your questions in the open Q&A session, or in follow-up. Your opportunity to soak-up as much information – be it on a solution, an approach, a design or product – so you can next take that next step in your planning or execution.

5. Hands-on Labs. As always, one of the areas that deserves a special call out is the Hands-on Labs (HOL). This year we are doing it slightly differently. Our HOL will be running following vForum- but with an added twist. Our new Hands-on Labs Odyssey Competition means you can test all of your knowledge from vForum Online and compete against your peers for amazing prizes – and your name on the leaderboard. Register for vForum 2020 Online today to be at the forefront of being able to build, run, manage, connect and intrinsically protect any app, on any cloud, on any device.

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