ACS improves disaster recovery with VMware and Routed

Posted on 23/03/2020 by charlene
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Download the full Case Study PDF document here. 

It’s no secret that manual driven disaster recovery (DR) solutions are time consuming. Not to fear, because ACS, a division of Altron, has partnered with VMware Cloud Provider. This has enabled them to enhance their current DR solutions and continue to provide secure data hosting & networking for the Altron Group companies, as well as external customers across South Africa.

The MD of Routed Hosting and the first VMware Cloud Verified partner (VCPP), Andrew Cruise suggested that the initial ACS DR solution was difficult to manage and created an inflexible environment.  A new and more cost-effective solution that managed to transport the large amount of data over to the DR data centre was critically needed. Enter VMware and their VCloud availability solution.

The benefits of becoming a VCPP:

  • The VMware ecosystem is forward-thinking and approaches other service providers to deliver the best offer rather than take on everything themselves.
  • VMware provide the secure hosting of transactional data as well as applications which contain a significant amount of private and critical information
  • ACS was looking for a VCPP partner that could integrate well with what we already had in place. It was not a case of reinventing the wheel but rather implement something that could take the business to the next level, and they did exactly that.
  • ACS provides customers with a self-service portal where they can ensure that the DR systems are available and up and running at a moment’s notice.
  • Cost savings have already started coming through and we are sure they will continue to do so. What is most important for us is that Routed has demonstrated that the VCloud offering is running the way it should at a price that is affordable to our customers.
  • ACS can provide a suite of services that speak to the security and compliance requirements of the digital age. And all this is delivered with the availability and reliability of a VMware cloud solution.


Within five clicks, the DR system is up and running. It was communicated that the VMware system has provided ACS and our customers with a good night’s sleep because they know that when they need it, DR will be done as effectively and securely as possible.

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