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Ocuco provides customers with efficiency and security thanks to VMware Cloud Director


Software specialist for the optician industry Ocuco has selected VMware Cloud Director as its new cloud service delivery platform. Thanks to this solution from VMware, Ocuco can optimally set up cloud environments and offer its software to opticians via the cloud. With the scalable, fast and efficient solution, customer data is available and secure anytime, anywhere.

Ocuco creates store automation solutions for opticians and offers a complete package including links with eye measurement equipment and with accounting programs, as well as software for orders, payments, incoop and delivery.

Software in the cloud

VMware Cloud Director offers several benefits for Ocuco’s IT staff. Thanks to the software, they can indicate which branches need to be updated. The environment is scalable, so customers can easily be added. In addition, it offers speed. If a customer urgently wants to store their data in the cloud, Ocuco can take care of this within 24 hours. Ocuco can also watch live with an optician remotely and solve any problems quickly, which saves enormous time and efficiency. IT staff are unburdened and have to spend less time on management work because certain tasks, such as server updates, are automatically controlled by Interconnect.

Improved customer experience optician

Opticians’ data is stored in the cloud, so that customer data is available at any location and opticians have access to it anytime, quickly. By working in the cloud, data is also much more secure than when it is on local servers. Customers of opticians are helped faster, their data is always up to date and they have a better customer experience – also from home.

Hans Zoon, Managing Director Benelux at Ocuco: “Thanks to the use of VMware technology and the excellent service of our IT partner Interconnect, customers no longer have to wait in line physically or by telephone, but can make an appointment online from home. This is one of the benefits of working in the cloud. Thanks to VMware Cloud Director, we can offer a better service to opticians and customer satisfaction increases. Ultimately, this also improves the service and customer satisfaction of the end customer.”

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