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Going to VMworld? Reserve Your Seat for Education Breakout Sessions.

8/22 Update: Repeat Sessions Added for our Hottest Topics

vSphere Core 4 Performance Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis Part 1: CPU & RAM – INF8780
Repeat Session: Tuesday, August 30th at 4:00pm – 5:00pm

vSphere Core 4 Performance Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis Part 2: Disk & Network – INF8701
Repeat Session: Tuesday, August 30th at 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Troubleshooting 101 for Horizon – EUC8243
Repeat Session: Thursday, September 1st at 10:30am – 11:30am

Troubleshooting vSphere 6: Tips & Tricks for the Real World – INF8755
Repeat Session: Thursday, September 1st at 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Advanced NSX Troubleshooting: Tips & Tricks for Experienced Users – NET8680
Repeat Session: Tuesday, August 30th at 12:30pm – 1:30pm

We are just one month from kicking off VMworld 2016 US! If you are registered to attend, the VMworld 2016 US Schedule Builder is your pass for getting a seat at the hottest sessions, labs, demos and discussions. It’s very easy to get started:


  1. Go to Content Catalog and browse for sessions of interest
  2. When you spot a session you’d like to pre-register for, click +
  3. If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be prompted for your VMworld account credentials

You can see all your reserved sessions by clicking the calendar icon in Content Catalog. You can also click the star to save a session as a favorite and come back later.

Be sure to check out these sessions delivered by the VMware training and certification team.

vSphere Core 4 Performance Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis Part 1: CPU & RAM – INF8780
Presenters: Jon Loux and Carl Paterik
Monday, August 29th at 11:00am – 12:00pm

vSphere Core 4 Performance Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis Part 2: Disk & Network – INF8701
Presenters: Jon Loux and Brett Guarino
Monday, August 29th at 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Troubleshooting 101 for Horizon – EUC8243
Presenters: Linus Bourque and Joe Cooper
Tuesday, August 30th at 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Troubleshooting vSphere 6: Tips & Tricks for the Real World – INF8755
Presenter: Javier Menendez
Wednesday, August 31st at 8:30am – 9:30am

 Advanced NSX Troubleshooting: Tips & Tricks for Experienced Users – NET8680
Presenters: Tim Burkard & Stephen DeBarros
Wednesday, August 31st at 8:30am – 9:30am

Day 2 Automated Operations with vRealize Automation 7 and the Event Broker Services, A Deep Dive – MGT9184
Presenters: Carl Paterik and Brett Guarino
Wednesday, August 31st at 11:30am – 12:30pm

Troubleshooting VSAN 6.2: Tips & Tricks for the Real World – STO8750
Presenter: Javier Menendez
Wednesday, August 31st at 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Taking Back the Desktop – EUC8853
Presenter: Linus Bourque
Wednesday, August 31st at 2:00pm – 3:00pm PST

 Architecting VSAN for Horizon – the VCDX Way! – EUC8648
Presenters: Ray Heffer and Simon Long
Tuesday, August 30th at 2:30pm – 3:30pm PST

An Architects Guide to Designing Risk: The VDCX Methodology – INF9048
Presenters: Daemon Behr
Wednesday, August 31st at 1:00pm – 2:00pm PST

On the Front Line: A VCDX Perspective Working in VMware Global Support Services – SDDC7502
Presenters: Panel Discussion
Wednesday, August 31st at 2:30pm – 3:30pm PST

Learning in the Cloud: VMware Education’s New Enterprise Learning Subscription – SDDC8945-QT
Presenters: Steve Haft & Damian Wraa
Sunday, August 28th at 2:00pm – 2:30pm

We asked, VMware Certified Instructors Answered


We recently interviewed a few VMware Certified Instructors (VCIs) to get their best advice for students and to learn more about their experience teaching classes for VMware Education Services. We pulled the best (and surprisingly honest) responses below. Hope you enjoy!

What one thing do you wish every student came to class knowing?
“That the fundamental, original reason for virtualization that made it so compelling is higher utilization of the hardware, which translates to saving money. Everything else is gravy.”  – Rick Stauder

What question do you answer in every single class?
“VMware vSphere is not an expensive platform for the purchase and maintenance costs. The stability and performance of your business is much more expensive to you.” – Maxim Fomin

What’s your funniest training story?
“Not real funny, but memorable: I was in the middle of lecturing on Network Health Check when a student in the back row pulls out his cell phone and makes a call. I wasn’t sure how to handle that so I just stopped lecturing and looked at him. The rest of the class turned and looked at him too. He seemed oblivious to us. Finally, he hung up, looked up to see us all staring and he said ‘I’m sorry. But you just solved my problem. We couldn’t figure out a network problem.  While you were talking it came to me to check the MTU. Yup, that was the problem. Thank you!’” – Rick Enright

What do you do when you need to learn something new?
“One of the advantages of VMware is that it offers many resources where instructors can view information about new issues we want to learn and even share with students, many of which are found in the VCI portal. The publicly accessible VMware portal is very comprehensive. I also make use of VMware communities where you can share experiences with other professionals worldwide and in some cases attend courses taught by other instructors to acquire the knowledge that, at the moment, I am looking for.” – Nelson Carrilo

What’s the best thing about teaching VMware?
“Bringing all my experiences of 35 years in IT to the table: system administration, networking, storage management and, when it comes to prioritizing resources, political diplomacy. You need it all to teach VMware. Specialization is for bees in the colony. Let the new hires be “IT generalists;” but to work with VMware, you need real depth in many areas. You can’t say “I don’t do Linux,” or “I let the network guys worry about VLANs,” or “the Storage Admins just give me LUNs.” You need it all…” – Rick Stauder

How can students get the most out of their time in a class?
“The best way for students to get more out of their time in class is to be actively engaged. Ask questions, share your experiences with the group, and get involved. As an instructor I love the dialogue and participation. It makes the class better. This is especially important if the class is online.” – Rick Crisci

What’s the first question you’re asked in class?
“Access to wifi please? :)” – Karl Novak


What would you like to ask a VMware Certified Instructor?


Where in the World are VCAPs, The Changing IT Landscape, and 2 New Training Courses


Where in the World are VCAPs? [Infographic]
Where in the World are VMware Certified Advanced Professionals? Answer: everywhere! Check out this blog post for our detailed infographic highlighting the geographical location of VCAPs.

The IT Landscape is Changing: Are you Ready
This blog post discusses ways organizations and IT professionals can prepare and fully embrace the changing IT landscape.

Two vRealize Courses Now Open for Registration
Last month we announced two new instructor-led training courses covering components of the VMware vRealize product suite. Get the details in this blog post


VMware Certification Spotlight
Please give a huge round of applause to the following people who earned a VMware Certification last month:

We know there are more people who recently earned a VMware certification. If you would like to be spotlighted in the future, be sure to tweet out which certification you earned and add the hashtag #vmwcertified. You can also check out #vmwcertified on Twitter for the latest list.

The IT Landscape Is Changing: Are You Ready

The landscape of IT is shifting. As cloud computing, mobile, and other technologies that enable “anytime, anywhere” business continue to claim a more central role in organizations of all types, the need for IT to transform from a strictly “keep the lights on” service organization to an integrated, strategic business unit increases.

This is a major change, and with any major change there are bound to be growing pains. In the remainder of this blog post, we’ll discuss ways organizations and IT professionals can prepare and fully embrace this change.

Adopt New Technologies

In an interview, Chris Wolf, CTO, Americas at VMware, notes that when he asks Security Administrators about their work, they report that more than 80 percent of their time is spent managing service tickets.

Enabling IT to operate strategically means adopting technologies that automate the service tasks currently occupying the bulk of IT’s waking hours. Embracing Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs) and Network Virtualization, which provides automation, micro-segmented security, and HA/DR, will free up time for IT to focus on contributing to other parts of the business.

“SDDC automates the mundane parts of the job,” says Wolf, “so IT teams can spread their time researching threats or building automated counter-measures – all the other fun things that you see on TV.”

Know Your Role 

As IT organizations as a whole change, individual roles within IT departments will undergo transformations as well. Understanding how both the demands of business and the automation enabled by adoption of new technologies will affect the roles of IT individuals is critical in allowing for a smooth transition.

Software-Defined Shifts: The Evolution of IT Career Paths provides an in-depth glance at how individual IT roles will shift in coming days. Below are highlights from a few of the roles:

    • Today’s Role: Configuring, monitoring, troubleshooting networks
    • Tomorrow’s Role: Validating designs, automating network operations, agility champion
  • IT Architect:
    • Today’s Role: Design end-to-end solutions, align solutions to business needs
    • Tomorrow’s Role: Design multi-cloud solutions, champion innovation, enable agility and security, reduce risk
  • Virtualization Admin:
    • Today’s Role: Ensure integration availability, ensure performance of all virtual resources
    • Tomorrow’s Role: Integrate trusted modules with key services and tools

 Get Smart, Get Certified, Close the Skills Gap

One of the greatest stumbling blocks to embracing the new role of IT is a skills gap among IT professionals. In its recent survey report, Ascending cloud: The adoption of cloud computing in five industries, The Economist Intelligence Unit noted that 31% of respondents indicated that the greatest challenge to implementing cloud infrastructure was a lack of qualified personnel.

Addressing this need for educated practitioners from another angle, ComputerWorld recently emphasized the importance for IT professionals of attaining certifications. Its survey on the topic reveals that 42% of IT professionals indicate that certifications have been helpful for landing jobs and promotions and that certification in specific technologies is the biggest contributor to career advancement.

VMware offers a variety of training and certification courses for IT professionals ready to level up their skill sets. Start your journey with our Learning Paths, designed to help you find the course you need based on the product, your role, and your level of experience.

Planning a DRP Solution, Network Functions Virtualization for Dummies, and Cloud Business Strategy


The VMware blogosphere is a wealth of knowledge covering everything from how-to content to put your skills to the test, to strategic concepts that can help you think differently about work. Check out a few of the latest posts from the Professional Services bloggers below!

Planning a DRP Solution for VMware Mirage Infrastructure
 In this post, Eric Monjoin describes how to design infrastructures that standup and act as reliable DRP solutions. Highlighting the different components of the VMware Mirage infrastructure, Monjoin notes those Mirage components that can be easily configured to act as reliable and redundant solutions.

“Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for Dummies” Blog Series – Part 2 Gary Hamilton continues his series on “Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for Dummies.” In this blog post, Hamilton outlines network functions that can be delivered as virtual network functions (VNFs) instead of hardware appliances, focusing on use cases for connecting remote offices using vCPE and virtualizing the mobile core network using vIMS.

Cloud Business Strategy Part 2 of the Cloud Business Management Series focuses on building a comprehensive Cloud Business Strategy. In this section you’ll read about common indicators of Cloud Business Management success and learn to ask questions that can help guide and roadmap your strategic path toward ideal Cloud Business Management.

Why I Think vRealize Automation 7.0 is a Game Changer vRealize Automation 7.0 is the latest iteration of VMware’s Cloud Management Platform for automating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and custom IT services. This blog highlights some of the game-changing updates in this version of vRealize Automation, including its simplified architecture, easy installation, and Converged Blueprint Designer.

Why Should CIOs Invest in Network Virtualization with NSX?  With NSX, VMware has the premier network virtualization software, but why should a CIO invest in network virtualization? In this blog, you’ll learn about the security, agility, and availability / disaster recovery benefits of network virtualization and find out what CIOs stand to gain by investing in a top-tier tool, like NSX.

The new culture of IT echoes the industry’s earliest days. A trip back in time reminds us that in its earliest days, IT was a team made up of software developers. The digital transformation imperative of modern business once again requires that IT step into a software development role. This blog addresses IT’s evolution and transition from an entity serving internal customers to one whose impact on the end-using consumer is critical.

DevOps: The Operations Side How should Development and Operations teams work together to operate efficiently and push toward common goals? This blog covers the Operations side of the DevOps equation, outlining key roles that include automation, infrastructure and application blueprints, patches and upgrades, and systems monitoring.

vRealize Automation 7.0, 3 Capabilities Needed for DevOps, and IT Innovation and Evolution



The VMware blogosphere is a wealth of knowledge covering everything from how-to content to put your skills to the test, to strategic concepts that can help you think differently about work. Check out a few of the latest posts from the Professional Services bloggers below!

VMware vRealize Automation 7.0 – Finally the most desirable features and capabilities in a VMware Private Cloud Automation Solution have arrived!
VMware’s Professional Services Engineering team extensively tests and researches the most effective and proven methodologies to implement vRealize Automation. Check out this blog post to take a tour of vRealize Automation 7.0 from our technical architects and become acquainted with the new features.

3 Capabilities Needed for DevOps that You Should Already Have in Your Cloud Organization
There are many facets and interpretations to DevOps depending on the point of view that they are approached from (i.e. people, process or technology). This blog will highlight that many of the skills needed for DevOps are already inherent to a fully-functioning cloud organization and just in need of evolution.

IT Innovation has a Major Impact on Attracting – an Retaining – Talented Staff
Top quality IT will draw in top quality talent. This blog showcases why it’s important to stay on the cutting edge when choosing the technology that you deploy in order to attract, and keep, talented and productive staff.

How to Overcome the Resistance to Change
The evolution of technology will only create positive impact if staff members adapt and advance simultaneously. This blog explores the challenge and necessity of changing a culture to match, if not surpass, advancements occurring in IT.

VCP5-DCV Delta Exam Availability Extension, 2016 VCDX Workshops and 4 New eLearning Courses



VCP5-DCV Delta Exam Availability Extended
We decided to extend the availability date for the VCP5-DCV exam until March 31, 2016 due to continued popularity! In this blog post, you can discover more about the exam’s key advantages to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

2016 VCDX Workshop Locations and Registrations
Read this blog post to find out how we updated and evolved the processes for the 2016 VCDX Workshops to make them more streamlined.

4 New eLearning Courses Available
We offer a wide variety of self-paced training options to help you enhance your skills wherever you want, whenever you want. Check out this blog post for information on the newest course options.


VMware Certification Spotlight

Please give a huge round of applause to the following people who earned a VMware Certification last month:

  • @MayorMikeGolden: I passed! #vcp very excited about that!
  • @MarcHuppert: Just finished another @VMwareEducation Training with a perfect score #VCI
  • @nick_andreev_au: Got the confirmation: “You have passed the #VCAP DCA exam.” Four weeks of preparation have paid off.

We know there are more people who recently earned a VMware certification. If you would like to be spotlighted in the future, be sure to tweet out which certification you earned and add the hashtag #vmwcertified. You can also check out #vmwcertified on Twitter for the latest list.

The VMware Knowledge Base, Installation Video Tutorials, and more


Each month, we share the top VMware Global Support Services (GSS) news, alerts, and announcements from our sister blog, VMware Support Insider. Read on to find out what you might have missed.

ALERT: Linked Clone pool creation and recompose failure
Please read this article before upgrading to vSphere 6 update 1.

vRealize Operations Manager 6.1.0 – new KB content
We’ve updated and created new Knowledge Base articles for all users of vRealize Operations Manager 6.1.0.

Downgrading from VMware Workstation Pro 12 to VMware Workstation 11
This short video will demonstrate how to downgrade from VMware Workstation Pro 12 to VMware Workstation 11, including changing the virtual hardware of your virtual machines.

Log Insight 3.0.x release – new KB content
Check out our list of new and updated articles for users of Log Insight 3.0.x.

Upgrading from Workstation 11 to Workstation Pro 12
Watch this quick video to see how you can upgrade from VMware WorkStation 11 to VMware WorkStation Pro 12.

The VMware Knowledge Base
As one of the best resources for troubleshooting problems, the VMware Knowledge Base allows you to search thousands of articles written by GSS support techs, product development and QA engineers, and Technical Communications writers. The articles specialize in corner cases, troubleshooting, workarounds, and more.

Installing VMware Workstation Pro 12 on Windows
Watch this one-minute video tutorial to find out how VMware Workstation Pro 12 can be installed on your Windows PC or laptop.

ALERT: Important information before upgrading to vSphere 6.0 Update 1
Please read the enclosed Knowledge Base article before upgrading your environment.

Top 20 Articles for August 2015
Our August 2015 list ranked by the number of times a VMware support request was resolved by following the steps in a published Knowledge Base article.

Follow VMware GSS
Stay up to date on all things support by following these social media channels:

2016 IT Skills and Salary Survey + Contest

We’ve partnered with Global Knowledge to conduct one of the industry’s most extensive and comprehensive studies of IT and business professionals, the 2016 IT Skills and Salary Survey.

This important research will help us identify IT and business pros’ salary trends, valuable training and certifications, and other fundamental topics. We’ll be asking questions like the following:

  • How does your salary compare to national averages?
  • What skills are in demand in the competitive job market?
  • Which certifications and training impact salary?

We invite you to be part of this important research study, which will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. You’ll receive a complimentary copy of our IT Skills and Salary Report when it’s published in April, and if you take the survey by November 6, you’ll be entered to win one of eight $250 American Express gift cards.

Take the survey


VMware Certificate Authority, Organizational Change, and Other Top Posts from our Professional Services Team

Our friends from around the VMware blogosphere publish everything from how-to content to put your skills to the test, to strategic concepts that can help you think differently about how you work. Check out the latest posts and try something new!

VMware Certificate Authority – My Favorite New Feature of vSphere 6.0 – Part 1 – The History
Technical Solutions Architect Jonathan McDonald discusses VMware certificates, what you need to know about the architectural design of them, and some new features you may not know about. This is Part 1 of a three part series, so stay tuned for the rest.

Organizational Change: Perfecting the Process
Transformation Strategist Rich Hawkins and Transformation Senior Consultant Greg Link discuss the stages of Organizational Change from beginning to end as a primer for what to consider, and when to consider it, during each stage of the process.

From CIO to CEO: Financing your ITaaS Organization with Charge-back
Transformation Consultant Jason Stevenson explores a quickly-executable IT cost model to calculate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT services using tools and data to establish a price that is simple, accurate, equitable, scalable, and agile.

Managing Horizon Gold Images Across Multi-Site Deployments
Find out how you can use the new vSphere 6 Content Library to keep your Gold/Master images in sync while deploying VMware Horizon across multiple sites or data centers.

App Volumes AD Objects Move Issue
Senior Consultant Jeffrey Davidson discusses App Volumes and things to check for when you’re having trouble logging in.

EUC Design series: Application Rationalization and Workspace Management
Principal Architect and CTO Ambassadors member TJ Vatsa shares the what, why, and how of application rationalization and workspace management. Learn about the challenges architects should be aware of while analyzing and defining an enterprise application strategy.

Cloning AppStacks and Modifying Scripts
Jeremy Wheeler, experienced senior consultant and architect for VMware’s Professional Services Organization, shares his lists of batch files—end-user system batch files and provisioning system batch files—to avoid recreating AppStacks.