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Around the World with VCAPs

Infographic Update Alert! Given the popularity of last year’s “Where in the World are  VCAPs?” infographic, we decided to check out how things look in 2017. Unsurprisingly, VCAPs are everywhere! It’s exciting to see our VCAP community grow and evolve each year! Which country do you represent?

Introducing the Next Generation of Testing at VMware

Written by Guest Author Lourdes Soler 

Over the past year, the VMware certification team has been hard at work making enhancements to our development processes, exams, and delivery infrastructure. Since many of these changes are behind the scenes and not immediately apparent, we are going to begin telling you about what these changes are and how they will improve your certification experience.

For example, what if I told you that you didn’t have to wait for weeks to receive your beta exam results and subsequent certification status update, but could receive your score immediately?

How It Works

With the traditional beta exam process, all test-level and individual question-level analyses occurred after the beta period ended, which meant candidates had to wait until after the final production exam launched before receiving their beta exam results.

With our new process, under the direction of a trained measurement specialist (more formally referred to as a psychometrician), Subject Matter Experts participate in a rigorous process (called the standard setting process) before the exam release to ultimately select the best set of questions for inclusion in the exam and determine an appropriate pass score. This means that test candidates can walk away with their exam results at the end of their testing event.

The Benefits

Other than the immediate scoring, benefits include:

  • Less time burden: With traditional beta exams, candidates must sit through and answer the entire pool of questions, even taking time to answer questions that do not make it into the final exam. With our new process, candidates are presented with a subset of questions that were considered valid during the standard setting process, providing a shorter exam time compared to past beta exams.
  • No blackout period for analysis: With traditional betas, analysis begins after the beta period closes and a blackout period is instituted, during which candidates are unable to register for or take the exam. The blackout period was needed to review and analyze question and exam data and participant comments to determine which items will appear on the final production exam. Depending on the amount of data to be analyzed and the time needed to construct the production exam, this blackout period could take from 6 to 10 weeks. Because all of this analysis will now be done before exam launch, there will no longer be a blackout period.
  • No retake restriction: Traditional beta exams can only be taken once by each candidate. With production exams, candidates can retake exams under the standard retake policy.
  • No risk for recertification: With traditional betas, if taken for recertification purposes, scoring may not be completed before an individual’s recertification deadline and certification status could be in jeopardy. Candidates would need to plan accordingly and allow enough lead-time to retake the exam after they receive their results, in case they did not pass, or pursue an alternate route to recertification. With the immediate scoring factor, this is no longer an issue.
  • No “set-it-and-forget-it” mode: In the case of traditional beta exams, there is one health check done during the post-beta analyses. Now, since every effort is taken ahead of time to eliminate questions that are ambiguous, too easy, too difficult, or just bad, there is increased confidence in the quality of the content. Even so, VMware will still conduct periodic exam health checks throughout the life of the exam and make improvements as needed.

Keep an eye out for future blog posts describing further program enhancements and improvements.

Hear how VMware Certification has Benefited these IT Professionals

Last month we added four new videos to the Certification Stories series on our YouTube channel. Begun in 2013, the VMware Certification Story series brings you informal interviews with current certification holders about the impact VMware certification has had on their career and their advice for others on the path to certification.

Certification Exam Price Increase on April 1

As of April 1, 2017, VMware certification exam prices will change.

What’s Changing

Our baseline exam prices have remained steady for the last three years (except for adjustments based on global exchange rates). To continue providing exceptional service and outstanding offerings, we will adjust certification exam prices as follows:

VMware Certified Associate (VCA) and vSphere Foundations (online, non-proctored) exams $125
VMware Certified Professional (VCP) exams $250
VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) exams $450
VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) – $995 application + $3000 defense
– $900 for a second or third VCDX, or [UPDATE] for a remote re-defense

To take advantage of current pricing: register for your exam, or buy an exam voucher (for VCA, VCP, and VCAP exams) before March 31, 2017. Vouchers purchased before April 1 will still apply the full price of an exam after the price increase goes into effect.

Please note that the prices listed above are for developed countries. Beginning on April 1, alternate pricing will be available for developing countries through the Pearson VUE web site.

[UPDATE] For VCDX candidates applying in March or June, for a defense in May or August, we will honor the original price of $300 (application fee) and $900 (defense fee). For those applying in June (for the August defense), they must submit their intent to apply here by April 1.

Why We’re Making this Change

As mentioned above, VMware has not changed prices for certification exams in over three years. VMware Certification is priced lower than competing programs and will continue to be, even with the new pricing model. The change brings us in line with market rates, and allows us to continue improving the program and the exam development process, and bring you new benefits such as digital badging and increased capabilities within VMware Certification Manager.

We recognize that the increase for the VCDX program is not insignificant. This change enables us to strengthen the program, bringing it, and the VCDX Community, more recognition among key industry influencers. We continue to look at adding benefits and programs for the current and future VCDX community such as Town Halls, workshops, etc. We are also finding ways to recognize our VCDX panelists who commit a tremendous amount of their own time and resources to support the program.

These price changes allow us to reinvest and drive industry recognition of the value that VMware Certified employees at all levels bring to their organizations.

VCAP6-CMA Deploy Exam Now Available


I’m happy to announce that the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Cloud Management and Automation Deployment (VCAP6-CMA Deploy) certification exam has completed the beta exam analysis phase, and is now available to be scheduled at participating PearsonVue testing centers.

Earning a VCAP6-CMA Deploy certification validates that you know how to deploy and optimize data center environments using vRealize Automation, and can provide a scalable and reliable virtualization platform for your organization.

If you took the beta exam, we are currently rescoring those results and expect to have your score to you within a few weeks. As always, a tremendous thank you for continuing to support the VMware Certification program.

Update to VCIX Program

The VMware Certification Program is committed to helping candidates get the most value from their VMware certifications. As part of the enhancements we announced last December, we updated the program structure and paths to include VMware Certified Implementation Expert 6 (VCIX6).

For candidates who earn both a VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) Design and Administration/Deployment certification in the same technology track, the VCIX6 will be awarded as a special designation instead of a separate certification. This is a significant achievement, and we want to recognize those who earn both Design and Admin/Deploy certifications through a designation that can be shared and displayed for others and that allows us to combine credentials representing a complete overview of your advanced skills.

To upgrade from a VCAP5, complete the alternate VCAP6 certification. For instance, a VCAP5-DCA plus a VCAP6-DCV Design would earn you the VCIX6 designation.

The VCIX6 special designation will be complete within your certification transcript once it’s enabled within Certification Manager.

In the case of the Network Virtualization track there is not a Design exam available at this point so you will earn the VCIX6 designation by achieving the VCAP6-NV Deploy certification only.

Tips for Success on VCAP Exams

VCAPAs many of you know, the VCAP exams are a race against time. We urge you to read VCAP6 Deployment Exam Interface Tips & Tricks to familiarize yourself with the new interface so your time can be spent on completing tasks. In the post, Dave Davis explains how to setup the exam interface for the best possible exam experience and explains some of the current restrictions while providing workarounds. Be sure to check out the end where there is a quick video going over the whole process.

For the design exams, take a look at VCAP6 Design Tips, Tricks and New Features where Jordan Roth explains the interface, some new features, and ways to save you a lot of time on the exam.

Good luck and Happy Testing!

3 New Certification Exams for VCAPs and VCAs

The VMware Certification program has been working hard all summer on new exams. We’ve announced several over the past few weeks, and that streak continues with three more today!

Two VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 Exams

You can now schedule these exams at participating PearsonVue testing centers, and they will also be offered for 50% off at the onsite Certification Exam Center at VMworld 2016 (US and Europe).

We are currently working through the beta exam rescore process now for the VCAP exam, and expect to have test scores out in the next week.

One VMware Certified Associate 6 Exam

This online exam can be taken at your convenience from your own laptop. The current exam will be retired on 30 September 2016.

VCAP6-DTM Design Exam Now Available


Last month I announced the availability of the first three VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 (VCAP6) certifications. Today I get to announce a fourth one:

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Desktop and Mobility Design (VCAP6-DTM Design)

You can now schedule the exam for any date after August 22, 2016 at participating PearsonVue testing centers. This exam will also be offered for 50% off at the onsite Certification Exam Center at VMworld 2016 (US and Europe).

We are currently working through the beta exam rescore process now, and expect to have test scores out by the beginning of September.

VCAP6 Deployment Beta Exams: Expanded and Extended!

Updated on July 28th, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Here is an update on the lab exam beta availability.

Beta exam has closed for:

  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Deployment Beta Exam (3V0-623) has concluded.

Beta exams are still open for:

  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Network Virtualization Deployment Beta Exam (3V0-643)
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Cloud Management and Automation Deployment Beta Exam (3V0-633)

We still need a few more people to participate in the NV and Cloud lab betas, so please hurry! You can still register through the links below!

Thanks and best of luck!

Paul Sorensen


Updated on July 6, 2016

Hi Everyone,

We have expanded the availability of the lab exams again today. Pearson Vue has opened up the VCAP6 Deployment Lab exams in roughly 75 centers in Asia Pacific and Japan and in 32 centers in Central and South America. If you have been waiting to take one of the beta exams please visit the registration links below and look for a testing center in your area. Slots are limited but we still need additional people to take the betas. Please consider participating by getting registered now.

Also, please remember to carefully review the  VMware Certification Platform Interface User Interface Guide prior to taking the exam. It will save you time and effort on your test day.

Thanks and good luck!

Paul Sorensen


Hi Everyone,VCAP Beta Expanded and Extended!

I have good news to share with you: The VCAP6 Deployment beta exams are being extended to additional Pearson Vue centers in North America and expanded to roughly 175 centers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, the beta end-date has been moved out to July 13.

We still need people to take the beta exams so please click on the registration links below to get more information (available locations, dates, times) and to register using the beta discount.

We will continue to work closely with Pearson Vue to monitor and evaluate the performance of the beta exams and will take further action to expand the number of sites as the beta continues to go well.

One important note: to help people with the new interface and delivery platform we created the VMware Certification Platform Interface User Interface Guide. Among other things this guide will help you optimize the interface layout (when you take the exam) and make you aware of some security-related keystroke limitations (restricted in the Pearson VUE Centers). Please be sure to review at this guide before you take the test.

Thank you and good luck on your test!

Paul Sorensen