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Spearheading Network Transformation with NSX-T: Spotlight on Pavan Thota


The VMware Certification Team would like to recognize Pavan Thota, Senior Staff Technical Curriculum Architect, for his outstanding efforts in the Network Virtualization Domain. Pavan has contributed as both a guide and a subject matter expert during multiple development activities, including competency modeling, item development, technical reviews, and standard setting workshops. Pavan’s knowledge and expertise of Read more...

Innovation in Micro-Learning: Spotlight on Daniel Castillo


Learning Curriculum Architect Daniel Castillo has been instrumental in bringing a brand new learning format to the VMware Learning Zone. The VLZ recently released Daniel’s five-minute interactive, click-through, infographic “NSX: Key Benefits of Micro-Segmentation.”  This engaging, audio-visual learning tool–with reference links–delivers high-level tips (or steps) for key VMware solutions, making important information instantly accessible and Read more...

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”: Meet James King


I started hearing about VMware’s Technical Account Manager (TAM), James King, due to his fantastic blog series. I recently had the chance to meet in person and chat with James about certification and why he’s such a huge fan of, as he puts it, “VMware’s coupling with Amazon”. With several of his customers moving workloads Read more...