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A New Home for our Education Experts


As the saying goes, it takes a village. To produce superior education resources, we ensure that content is current, high quality, and provides all of the information learners need to succeed. We draw expertise from a variety of job roles, experiences, and locations to diversify and broaden our understanding of real-world scenarios—and our Subject Matter Read more...

Ensure Exam Security by Avoiding Brain Dump Sites


We all have that urge to prove to the world that we know what we’re talking about—a desire to show we have a level of expertise in our chosen field. Certifications and badges are a valid and reliable way to do that. Everyone prepares for certification exams in different ways, including training, study, hands-on experience; Read more...

Innovation in Micro-Learning: Spotlight on Daniel Castillo


Learning Curriculum Architect Daniel Castillo has been instrumental in bringing a brand new learning format to the VMware Learning Zone. The VLZ recently released Daniel’s five-minute interactive, click-through, infographic “NSX: Key Benefits of Micro-Segmentation.”  This engaging, audio-visual learning tool–with reference links–delivers high-level tips (or steps) for key VMware solutions, making important information instantly accessible and Read more...