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Tapes, Troubleshooting, and earning CloudCredibility.


Last weekend (it’s still raining), in an effort to avoid total house destruction by my kids, we trooped off to the local library. Having returned with a respectable pile of assorted children’s literature, including several audiobooks that contained tapes rather than CDs. I then spent at least an hour explaining the basic operation of a Read more...

Free Learning?


A colleague recently sent me a link to a talk by Daphne Koller at the recent TED talks. One of the significant stats she demonstrated was the price inflation. Since 1985, the price of Petrol (Gas) increased 300%. Medical expenses, 350%. Paltry when compared to the 559% increase in College tuition & fees. So its Read more...

Socialized content & learning


My daughter recently completed her first school project. Images, text, animation & video, all referenced on-line and compiled into a slide-show, and handed to the teacher on a USB key. Compared to my recollection of doing school projects, which involved a large piece of card, a stack of felt tipped pens, rulers, glue, scissors, and Read more...