Participating in various VMware programs allows many learners and candidates to receive “rewards,” like exam vouchers or discount codes. VMware offers these benefits to candidates to recognize their specific contributions.


You can locate your rewards by accessing the Certification Manager “Benefits” section, where you’ll find links and tokens to redeem your rewards.


The simplest way to earn a reward is to continue up your path of certification achievement. Earning your VCAP or VCDX grants you access to exclusive branded merchandise that only validated experts can acquire. Other rewards include discounts on VMware Press purchases.


Specific programs, like the Education Contributor program, also have their own exam vouchers and branded merchandise as rewards for participation in education content development, such as writing exam questions.


What you may not know is that rewards (including exam vouchers and discounts) cannot be gifted, shared, or sold. By giving your rewards to anyone else, you are likely to be in violation of VMware policy. Take joy in the benefits of your hard work, but don’t share them.


Of course there are other perks, such as your digital badges, that should absolutely be shared with the world. These forms of recognition are the best way to tout your expertise and market your achievements. Share them on your preferred social media platform and add them to your resume or career goals reporting.


Get on the path to activating your rewards by passing an exam today!