A few months ago, VMware Certification announced a change to upgrade paths for those who want to upgrade to the most current version.


In connection with the removal of the mandatory two-year recertification requirement, we have updated the structure of all upgrade paths to help you decide when it’s best for you to upgrade.


The policy is actually straight-forward:

  • If you are one version back, you may upgrade through training (e.g. from VCP-DCV 2019 to VCP-DCV 2020)
  • If you are two or three versions behind (e.g. from VCP6-DCV to VCP-DCV 2020), you may upgrade by passing one exam, either the delta or full VCP exam
  • If you are more than four versions behind (e.g. upgrading from VCP5-DCV), you will need to upgrade by completing the full certification path


To earn an additional VCP in a different track, if you are no further back than three versions with your current VCP, you may simply pass the latest VCP exam in the new track (confirm the correct upgrade path by visiting the certification web site).


You can always find your specific upgrade path by going to the certification web page at