VMware Education Services is pleased to announce the launch of the new VMware Education Contributor rewards program!


The process of developing and launching certification exams and digital training content requires a team of program managers, operations and support teams, and perhaps most importantly, technical subject matter experts (SMEs). SMEs are asked to commit many hours of their personal time, knowledge and career experience to scrutinize and determine what information VMware users need to know to be successful in their business endeavors. At VMware we want to recognize and reward this critical contribution.



For each development task an Education Contributor completes, points are awarded. These points accrue to milestone values resulting in four (4) levels of Education Champion digital badges.



Each Education Champion badge also comes with rewards in the form of gift certificates and exam vouchers. These rewards are in addition to the badges and exam waivers awarded to SMEs who contribute to exam development. The more you contribute to VMware Education development, the more quickly you can earn rewards.


Review the Quick Reference Guide for opportunities to participate.


More announcements and improvements to our Education Contributor program will be happening throughout the year, so stay tuned for future announcements on the VMware Education Services blog.


Join our growing community of excellence by completing the enrollment form.