VMware Education Services delivers training on VMware products, with advanced courses taking a deep dive into how to optimize and troubleshoot within that specific product. But what happens when you start to add more products to your environment? How do you build a unified solution? What are the challenges and best practices to overcome them?


Understanding how individual VMware technologies integrate is critical to realizing the full benefits, creating a smooth-running environment and achieving your desired outcomes; this is where VMware Livefire workshops step in. Livefire training builds on your current knowledge of individual VMware products to help you bring them together in a unified end-to-end solution.

  • The next Livefire workshop will take place on 7th – 10th January 2019 located in our EMEA HQ, Staines upon-Thames, United Kingdom and will be focused around the Hybrid Cloud. The training is designed to help you unlock the full value of the VMware product portfolio by gaining the knowledge to architect and deploy a complete Hybrid Cloud. Expert-led workshops focus on product integration challenges when building a Hybrid Cloud solution and provides expert-to-expert discussions, real-life best practices and experience-based knowledge sharing.


This is a unique opportunity to have intelligent discussions with other experts in the room about how to build that solution in a real-world scenario. Each workshop will be hosted by at least two VMware experts from the Livefire team and the other expert attendees – meaning you can leverage a room full of over 30 years combined VMware technology experience.


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