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Over the last several years, online courses and self-paced e-learning have emerged as popular alternatives to traditional classroom courses. Recently, we sat down with Paul Sorensen, Director of Education Programs at VMware and long-time leader in the world of online learning, to find out his thoughts.

One of Sorensen’s projects this year has been the transition of the VMware Learning Zone into  a centralized hub for all digital learning content: On-Demand courses, labs, and certification exam prep resources, as well as broader learning subscriptions (various collections of content). When asked about the benefits of online learning, Sorensen identified a few key points:



  • Learn from Anywhere
    • With online learning, people can do their learning from anywhere — a cafe, the office, the convenience of their own homes. You save on time and money that would otherwise be spent traveling to and from a classroom. 
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
    • With in-person learning, students have to be in class at certain times. They are given information at a certain pace. With online learning, you get to set the schedule — learning when you want at the speed you want. 
  • Didn’t Learn it the First Time? Play it Again
    • Unlike classroom learning, online learning has the advantage of allowing students to revisit content. You can reread white papers, rewatch videos, and review troubleshooting guides as frequently as you need to. 


With so many benefits, opting for online over classroom learning seems like an obvious choice. Sorensen notes, however, that while online learning comes with plenty of advantages, students still have to be diligent and plan their training intelligently.

So how can you ensure success? Sorensen points to a recent article from Certification Magazine containing the following tips:


  • Find your motivation for online learning.
  • Get the courage to sign up for a course.
  • Transform your test anxiety into excitement.
  • Cultivate disciplined study habits.
  • Remember that persistence outweighs intelligence.


Follow these tips, and you should reach your online learning goals. We look forward to seeing you in the VMware Learning Zone soon!