For years, VMware has provided industry-leading certification programs to individuals across the globe. Typically, people joining these programs already have substantial career experience in IT and are looking to both amplify and validate their skills on a given VMware product.


Lately, however, more and more young people are engaging in VMware certification. Why? Because they encounter technology everywhere. At school, at home, and everywhere in between, they are immersed in technology. This younger generation isn’t satisfied with merely making use of technology, however. They want to learn how to build it and work with as they sculpt the landscape of tomorrow. And VMware is a great place to do that.


Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down and interview two young men who’ve taken up the pursuit of VMware Certification. Fifteen year-old Abdulrahman Amr Elmeky hails from Alexandria, Egypt, and as of August 2017, he holds a VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Network Virtualization (VCAP6-NV) certification and a VMware Certified Implementation Expert 6 – Network Virtualization (VCIX6-NV) certification. Josh Lowe is thirteen years old and lives in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom. He currently holds a VMware Certified Associate 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCA6-DCV) certification.


Here are some of the highlights from the interview:


Tell us a bit about yourself — just a brief introduction about who you are and what you’re passionate about.

Abdulrahman (A): I am a student at El Nasr Boys’ School IGCSE. I am in grade 10. I have a dream to become a computer engineer — a dream to focus in one of the greatest solutions, network and security — and my plan is to pursue it with eagerness and passion.

Josh (J): I am passionate about teaching other young people how to code and to get them interested in Computer Science.


How did you first encounter VMware?

A:  I started my journey toward virtualization with VMware. For my first step, I decided to attend VCP-DCV with Eng. Ezzeldin Hussein, a VMware Senior System Engineer.

J: I first encountered VMware at a local coding event called Preston Raspberry Jam, which is an event for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. I had a problem with my Raspberry Pi Camera and Jason Meers [my mentor] knew the solution to my problem. We have been working together ever since. Jason started teaching me the basics of Player and Workstation and then went on to setting up my own ESXi host server.


What got you interested in becoming certified through VMware?

A: VMware is the leading company in the virtualization market. I believe it is one of the most innovative and creative companies in the IT market.        .

J: I find virtual machines really interesting and I wanted to take my VMware VCA exam because I thought it would be a good learning experience. After speaking to Jason about whether it should be something I should think about doing, I took the week-long training course and took the exam at the end of the week and passed.


How did you prepare for your exam?

A: By practicing in the hands-on-labs, and then getting practice in real life.

J: I prepared for my exam by visiting the first VMware Enablement days in Manchester, which was a week-long course for hospital IT teams and university staff. During the training course a range of different topics were talked about like Virtual Networking to Cloud management and Automation.


What was the training like for the certification?

A: Troubleshooting and Install, Configure, Manage were very important courses that helped me a lot in passing the VCIX certification. The practical skills that I learned from the hands-on lab and the training helped me a lot in achieving my certifications.

J: I really enjoyed the training session as I met other people who use VMware in their jobs and learned about how VMware is being used in a variety of different businesses and organizations. Using the skills I have learned though getting certified, I am now confident in using vSphere and talking about virtualization in the Data Center and using vSphere to tackle daily tasks in a working environment.


Do you plan to continue your VMware education and get other certifications? What certifications are you hoping to pursue?

A: Yes, since VMware leads the market in network virtualization, my next step is to get certified VCDX for network virtualization.

J: I plan to take the other 3 VCA exams in Cloud Management and Automation, Network Virtualization, and Desktop and Mobility. Of course, this would be something I have to fit around my school’s work.


What advice would you give to other young people hoping to get certified?

A: There are no limits that can stop you from achieving his dream chasing his passion. It is all about believing in yourself. It is about what you can do when you are given the chance and when you have the willingness to learn and advance.

J: If young people are serious about going into this field, the exams and training courses are a great way to get started and are something that employers will look out for in the future when you go to apply for a job.



Abdulrahman Amr Elmeky joining Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Ray O’Farrel on stage at VMworld Europe, earlier this year.