Our monthly webcasts always generate excellent questions from the audience. A few weeks ago Bharath Narayana Reddy (one of our Senior Technical Training Specialists who trains VMware’s technical staff) delivered VMware vRealize Automation 7 Troubleshooting and the questions were great as always.


We pulled a few of them below, but you can read the entire list and listen to the recording on your schedule.



Can you please explain what is the time period of Logs archival in vRealize Automation?

By default, logs are retained for 5 rotations of 5MB files. Once a log file hits 5MB in size, it is rotated. Once 5 of these files are created, the logs are deleted on rollover. KB article 2087160 has instructions of how to change this if you desire.


Is there a document where one can locate the REST API Calls for Troubleshooting your referenced in this webcast?

Here is the REST API reference for vRA.


In my environment of vRealize Operations logs are disappearing after workflow run. What might be the issue and how do I fix it?

The first place I would look is the logrotate settings on your appliance. Instructions on how to modify this are in KB article 2087160.


How do I troubleshoot issues with the Guest Agent on a Windows VM?

KB article 2078381 addresses this question. If further assistance is needed, please open a case with GSS.


What is the difference between vRealize Automation v6 to v7?

This link should answer your query.


In terms of monitoring, say system health disk space issue, can this be forwarded to a third party application for ticket creation?

You can integrate with ticketing tools like ServiceNow and use vRO workflows as well to automate.


In the case of a distributed environment, what are the recommendations for vRealize Automation management components installation. Eg: no of appliance, no of IAAS, DB required?

Review our reference architecture guide for this information.


As a best practice is it best to place proxy agents as close as possible to the Endpoints, in case of multiple sites/vCenters?

Yes, that is best practice. Keep agent close to endpoint to minimize communication latency, if multiple sites install proxy agents at each site.


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