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3 Steps to Transforming IT Security

Protecting the connections between people, devices, and objects has become more critical than ever, especially for organizations that are embracing the cloud. In a virtualized environment, maximum visibility and control are key to mitigating risk. In order to stay ahead of changing security needs, you need deep visibility into every interaction between users and applications, which requires multiple layers of protection.

This free solution overview from VMware takes a closer look at three key steps to transforming your IT security, and how a ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure and endpoints can help you transform your security.

Three Key Steps to Transforming IT Security

  1. Secure application infrastructure—Abstract infrastructure from applications, improving visibility and better aligning security to apps.
  2. Secure identity and endpoints—Employ a ubiquitous software layer across all users and endpoints for better visibility and control, without impacting the user experience.
  3. Streamlined compliance—Apply software across the app infrastructure, identity, and endpoints to simplify compliance.


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