Our monthly webcasts always generate excellent questions from the audience. A few weeks ago Mate Barany (one of our Senior Technical Training Specialists who trains VMware’s technical staff) delivered Best Practices and Troubleshooting of Workspace ONE and the questions were great as always.


We pulled a few of them below, but you can read the entire list and listen to the recording on your schedule.


VIDM Connector or ACC? Differences? Are there performance considerations?

No performance difference, however if you would like to use Certificate Based authentication using own CA, or RSA, or Citrix Xenapp, Horizon on premise integration you will need Connector to be deployed. If you only require User credentials as auth and only have Web Apps and Mobile Apps then ACC is plenty.


How does the integration works when using AW Cloud Connector with several OG with multiple ROOT Domains without trust relationship?

We can only connect AW to IDM in one OG level – so if you have all domains configured in one OG – the same username and password is created in each domain – that will work. If your scenario doesn’t fulfill this option, alternatively you can deploy multiple IDM connectors and integrate with AD individually for each Domain.


Does the AirWatch or Identity Manager restrict the number of logons for single user especially on mobile apps? Can you restrict users from logging from external?

We do not restrict the total number of logons from a mobile device. You can restrict access based on network details and also could require devices to be enrolled in AW management to access WS1.


Is it possible to request/deploy applications listed as a catalog from vIDM/WS1 portal (instead of AirWatch catalog) to a Windows 7/8x OS?

Yes, on Windows 8.1 if you use the WS1 App to access to unified catalog.


Is it possible to deploy the WS One connector on Amazon Web Services?

Yes, you can use identity manager as IDP with AWS. The full implementation guide is published on the Resources portal for WS1.


Can we have Airwatch inbox, Boxer, and native email in one device?

Yes, you can. They are handled as 3 separate applications.


If I have 10 users using the same complex app, are there 10 virtual machine guests running behind each session?

Yes, that is correct, unless using Thinapp technology.


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