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Certification Insights: VCP Recertification


One of the most commonly asked questions we get is “Is there a grace period if my VCP expires?” And the answer is NO. There are no grace periods, VMware does not provide exceptions or extensions to our Recertification policy.

Once your VCP recertification date passes, and if you did not renew it, you are no longer considered VCP certified. In order to gain VCP status again, you will have to meet all the requirements for earning a new VCP certification.

One other thing to keep in mind is the 7-day waiting period if you fail an exam (excluding online exams which have no waiting period between retakes). If you wait until the last minute to recertify but then fail the exam, it could result in losing your VCP status. We always recommend taking care of your recertification at least a month ahead of time to avoid any potential problems or last minute emergencies.

Not sure when your recertification date is? You can look it up in your VMware Certification Manager profile.

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Jill Liles

About Jill Liles

Jill has worked in IT training and certification for 10 years and is currently the Senior Marketing Manager for VMware Education Services. She holds VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) and Hubspot’s Inbound Certified accreditations. You can find her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/JillLiles1 or behind the scenes at www.twitter.com/VMwareEducation.

15 thoughts on “Certification Insights: VCP Recertification

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  2. RB

    you would think as VMware’s popularity declines they remove the ridiculous course requirement. the fact none of the other vendors do it.

  3. Hans

    RB is right. I’ve recertified in beginning of January because my VCP would have expired mid February, and of course now the new expiry date is begin January.. No one in their right mind would recertify on exactly the same day as the previous exam, so the two year validity is already low but now ridiculously low AND not recertifying means you forfeit all your previous efforts with taking an expensive course.. This is just a money grab, no more no less. And now they’ve tacked on a second exam as well!

    The only reason I recertified this time was I just got made redundant in December, and I needed to have at least one valid cert to show for, but it turns out many companies are looking for other traits than the latest VCP. Azure, AWS and other cloud things are quickly taking over the market, and Windows certification remains high on the wishlists of the recruiters. VCP is a nice to have, but honestly no longer worth the effort.

    VMware, if you want to keep having people certified:
    1: Stop the course requirement for people that have previous versions. the technology hasn’t evolved that much since V3.
    2: Make the certification valid for at least 3 years, like CCNA
    3: Lower the prices of delta exams. I paid 220 EURO for the delta exam!

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      Thank you both for your feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences. I have passed these comments along to the Certification program management team.

    2. Karl Childs

      Thanks for the comments, we look at all these options, history, strategic plans…we’ve considered all these recommendations more than once, and will continue to do so, as no program should stay static.

      In regards to the time length of certification renewals, 2 years in some cases is okay, in others it is difficult and doesn’t quite it. With the introduction of VMware badges, we are now planning on and will be releasing a strategy that will help all candidates renew their certifications without having to wait for the next version of the certification. So things will get easier in that regard.


      1. Mert

        I also hope that you will one day abandon the course requirement. 7 years ago I already knew about 80% of the content so most of the ICM course was quite boring to me, and also it didn’t help me preparing on the VCP exam itself. And now I’ve almost forgot that I had to recertify and was afraid that I needed to visit a course again; that would be a kind of a joke after renewing 3 times… 😉

        1. Chuck

          Agreed. The course requirement serves no purpose, especially for those of us operating at a higher certification level than VCP. (Mine expires on Sept 5, and I had planned to take another VCAP test at VMworld this year to take advantage of the discount, but that’s less than a week away from the expiration date. So, to be safe I need to take the test earlier than that, and eat the full cost. So, taking tests at VMworld is a bad idea, unless you do a new one every year.)

          1. Linda

            One of the most common misconceptions is that experienced candidates have to sit an ICM to be able to recertify. There are so many other courses you can sit to make you eligible for the core VCP -DCV recert – you can recertify by gaining a VCP or VCAP in one of the other silos. Part of the recertification objective is to retain accreditation but definitely to grow your skills. You’ve worked hard for the status, use it as a springboard for greater things! https://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrReg/plan.cfm?plan=49108&ui=www_cert#tab-recertification

  4. VCAP6

    Sebastian’s take on the VCAP6 exam: “In my own viewpoint VCAP6 exam is way better experience than VCAP5, the newest examination looks just like VMware HOL. The screen is effortless, questions are prepared on the right area of the screen, and could be concealed aside or restored when desired. My bits of advice to the questions windowpane: should you decide to make it floating, you must know how to restore it back. I ended up moving it around merely because I forget how to recover it back. The 2 arrows that appeared like control buttons on top were supposed to dock the window to right of left. Fonts could be resized, which i believe was far better than scrolling down and up the question. The response speed of the whole user interface was so much faster than VCAP5.5, and there was no lagging time period experienced when switching from window to window. Something to keep in mind: BACKSPACE key is not working! I do believe it is beneficial since you don’t reload your examination window in error, nonetheless, it could be frustrating in some cases when you type some thing mistakenly and you need to select and press Del to remove. The Desktop and shortcuts were organized quite well, and required applications like internet browser or Mirage console are easily launched. There’s a pleasant interface for Remote Desktop Manager and you’ll discover all required RDP connection to servers or desktops with no need to type account information. The web browser had all the links in the Favorite Bar. Right at that moment I am penning this, there is no extra 30 minute extension for Non-Native English speaker at No-Native English country, which is a bummer. There are 39 question to answer within the three hours time, and this can be actually really hard for non-native English speakers just like me. Several questions take time to complete, so it’s best to drop the questions that you cannot respond to, and finish those you can. By the end of the 39 questions, you’ll be able to come back to the uncompleted questions if you happen to have time. Don’t squander a lot of time on one single question! The exam blue print can be found on my blog at Szumigalski.com. It is well-organized and following it for the examination preparation will help a lot. Certainly, the most suitable is if you can have a lot of practical experience! I’m truly very pleased with the examination experience, though I passed this time around by tiny margin, however i know very well what I missed for the exam, discover from the blunders and practice harder to acquaint myself with the environment. This accreditation is going to open up your job prospects!”

  5. Avram Woroch

    I have to agree with the other comments. The 2 years is just much too difficult. The following reasons apply:

    * VMware has been really bad about having certifications out at launch day of a product. So you may not be able to write a VCP6 until 6-8 months after release. I recall it was announced Feb of 2015, but you couldn’t actually write the 6 exam until around Oct/Nov.
    * 2 years following that, there is no VCP on 6.5. So one can’t take a VCP65-DCV. So you’re punished for being at the forefront. You’re better off certifying on one version back, so you always have an “escape route” to current, in case a new exam isn’t out in 2 years.
    * Options include going sideways to another product – being a DCV doesn’t mean one knows or does anything at all with NSX, Cloud, or Desktop/VDI – or you can go advanced. Except your company may only have 5 hosts and not “be” advanced for you to have experience.
    * there is confusion at VMware Education. My last passed exam was May of 2015. My Expiry date says Nov of 2017. That’s more than 2 years. I speculate it’s because my Delta exam was a Beta and it took that long to get results. When I asked which was correct, they indicated they weren’t certain, but I’m advised to assume May of 2017.
    * As one other commented noted – if you take the exam at VMworld, your renewal date is now VMworld two years later. But now you have no buffer in case you fail. So you need to do it before. Which is while you’re typically really busy getting things done – so you can GO to VMworld. Chances are, if you DO fail, you need more than a week to regroup anyway. So you’re booking 3-4 months in advance, or closer to 20-21 months.
    * Not everyone has a location with exam options. So you may get an exam before your renewal date, but if you fail and still have TIME to rewrite – the only testing center within 500km may be booked up for 8 weeks. You can’t pre-book your rewrite (and hopefully you’d pass), so there’s no way around this unless you go to another city. Thus, see the previous point about why you have to re-test 2-4 months before your expiry. – it would be great if it added 2 years to the date of your current expiry, vs 2 years from exam date.

    I’d really like to see the time extended to 3 years like Cisco and many others. And for those of us who stay immediately current. it would be nice if you could simply retake the same test. After all, we’re certifying we still know our stuff, not that we’ve learned the newest product.

    I think there are some people who are a little out of touch with the real world, unfortunately.

  6. Justin McDearis

    I completely agree. My main problem with the recertification policy is that 2 years is far too aggressive. It should be 3 years. VMware, please change it to 3 years and then many of the complaints will be gone.

  7. Karl Childs

    Regarding the comments above (and thank you BTW for the feedback), one of the main concerns is that there is really no opportunity to upgrade in time before the expiration happens, particularly if you were one of those who was right on top of it, and certified as soon as, or close to when, the certifications came out.

    That’s not wrong!

    I was a little vague in my earlier response, since many of the deliverables and program details are being put together, but we are planning and looking at opportunities to reset your expiration date, using options such as v6.5 exams and possibly other badges. Look for more information in March.

    So while the recertification period is still 2 years right now, we have heard the feedback and have been working behind the scenes to make it easier and more sensible to update, especially for those who simply want to stay up-to-date in the VCP DCV area.

      1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

        Hi, either option will recertify you, as long as you do not already hold a VCP6-DCV certification.

  8. Chris Matthews


    Missed my recertification by a couple of days, there is a very hard line on “no grace period”.

    If only VMware support would be also as good as their certification department, then we would have bugs quickly fixed, we in the field would also have more time to deal with exam dates rather than working through our weekends because support can’t analyise the problems properly.

    VMware is now too big !

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