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VCDX6-DCV Application & Blueprint Now Available

VCDX merchYou’ve been waiting…and it’s here!

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level of VMware certification, recognizing an elite group of design architects who have demonstrated exceptional skills in VMware enterprise deployments.

Earning your VMware Certified Design Expert 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCDX6-DCV) certification proves that you can deliver true business value by enabling the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your vSphere6.x based infrastructure and applications.

There are three documents available to help you on your path to VCDX certification:

View the current schedule of application deadlines and defense dates and start planning today.

Note: you may still submit for the VCDX5-DCV for an additional two cycles, through June 2017. More information and details will be posted on the Policies page.

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Karl Childs

About Karl Childs

Karl Childs is a Senior Manager with VMware Education Services. He has 20+ years experience in IT Education and Certification, working with global companies such as HP, Novell, and MCI. While his background is in Instructional Technology and Training Development, he enjoys applying those skills within the IT and software industry.

3 thoughts on “VCDX6-DCV Application & Blueprint Now Available

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  2. Benja

    Hi Karl,

    in the VCDX6-DCV Blueprint is reported that VCP6-DCV is a pre-req but in the following page
    on “New Candidate Requirments” –> “Path1”
    is reported only as pre-req “Required Prerequisite: VCAP6-DCV Design and VCAP6-DCV Deploy certifications”.
    Wich is correct?

    Currently I hold VCAP6-DCV Deploy and in few weeks I want to schedule Design exam but I’ve not VCP6-DCV due to inheritance change…


  3. Karl Childs

    Hi Benja, we will be looking for the VCIX6 as the needed prerequisite. Since there are multiple ways a candidate may achieve that designation, it is possible ti have the VCIX6 and be able to apply for VCDX.

    In your case, since you already had the VCAPs and are just updating to VCAP6, once you earn them and are awarded the VCIX6, you will be eligible to apply.

    The blueprint lists the certifications needed from a “net new” candidate, someone who would start from the beginning to earn their first VCAP.


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